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Landscape Fabric

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Say Goodbye to Weeds with VEVOR’s Top-of-the-Line Landscape Fabric

Also known as landscape tarp, weed, and garden fabric, landscape fabric plays a pivotal role in designing and maintaining beautiful gardens. Whether you are new to gardening or you are a seasoned gardener, the garden fabric can significantly enhance your gardening experience with its strong weed-controlling and moisture-covering abilities. At VEVOR, we offer premium weed barrier landscaping fabrics that will help you get rid of weeds from your garden and create a stunning outdoor space. With VEVOR’s reliable and durable landscaping cloth, you can make your dream garden a reality.

Different Types of Landscape Fabric

There are different types of weed barrier fabric with different materials and structures, each offering its own set of benefits and characteristics. While it might be tempting to go for a cheap plastic weed barrier that will get the job done, it is best that you look at their different varieties and choose the one that best suits your gardening needs.

Let us explore three main types of landscaping fabric: woven, non-woven, and biodegradable.

Woven Landscape Fabric

Woven landscape fabric is created by weaving together polypropylene or polyester threads into a strong and tightly knit material, producing a durable woven structure. Renowned for its strength and durability, woven weed control fabric can provide long-term weed control through excellent water permeability while offering superior UV resistance that protects soils and plants against sun damage.

Non-Woven Landscape Fabric

Non-woven landscape fabric is created by bonding fibers together using heat or chemicals, creating a lightweight and easy-to-install material. It effectively suppresses weeds while still allowing water and air to pass through, keeping the soil moist and weeds away, encouraging healthy plant growth. These are widely used to prevent weed growth in gravel paths or under rocks.

If you are confused between woven and non-woven landscape fabric, check out our guide and the below biodegradable option. 

Biodegradable Landscape Fabric

A biodegradable weed fabric barrier is an eco-friendly option. These landscape mats are designed to break down over time and become part of the soil. These are manufactured using organic materials like jute or coir. So, they provide effective weed control during initial plant development stages and later help improve soil quality by decomposing into rich organic matter—perfect for sustainable gardening practices!

Whether your top priority is durability, ease of installation, or sustainability, there is surely a weed cover fabric that matches your gardening needs perfectly.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with different types of weed-blocking fabric, let us dig into factors that you should consider when getting a landscaping cloth for your garden.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Landscape Fabric for Your Garden

When selecting landscape fabric for your garden, you should consider the following factors to make sure that you choose the right weed-blocking fabric.

 Garden Size and Type: When purchasing landscape fabric, keep the size and type of your garden in mind. Take into account whether there are large open areas, raised garden beds, or specific landscaping areas, as this will determine both how much gardening fabric will be necessary and whether different varieties (woven and non-woven) need to be purchased for different sections of your garden.

 Fabric Thickness and Weight: The thickness and weight of the weed cover fabric play an integral role in its durability and weed control capabilities. Where thicker weed barrier landscape fabric tends to provide greater weed prevention, lighter-weight fabrics are better suited for smaller plants or temporary installations. It is best to assess your expected weed pressure level and anticipated project lifespan when selecting a weed prevention fabric for your garden. If you are looking for a durable garden fabric that will last for multiple growing seasons, you should check out VEVOR’s heavy-duty woven weed barrier.

 Permeability: Permeability of weed-blocking fabric is critical to ensure proper plant growth. While preventing weed growth, the permeable garden fabric allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through it to support optimum plant growth. Consider your plant’s moisture needs as well as drainage capacity when choosing fabric with appropriate permeability levels for optimal plant growth.

 UV Resistance: If it is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, you should consider UV resistance landscape fabric. Look for landscape tarps that offer high UV resistance to avoid degradation and ensure long-term durability.

Why Choose VEVOR’s Landscape Fabric?

When it comes to gardening tools and solutions, VEVOR is a top name. It offers a solution to your every gardening need and problem. To deal with the weed problem, VEVOR offers top-of-the-line landscaping fabrics that help prevent weed growth while boosting plant growth.

VEVOR offers an array of high-quality fabric weed barriers to cater to the diverse gardening requirements of gardeners of all scales and styles. Whether you are looking for weed barriers for your garden beds, or for rock or gravel paths, VEVOR has got you covered. Besides its reliable and durable landscaping fabrics, what makes VEVOR popular among gardeners is its premium user experience. VEVOR offers everything that customers look for, from fast and free home delivery to a 30-day no-hassle return policy and a 12-month warranty. And they top it all with their round-the-clock customer support. It is no wonder that they have such a loyal customer base.

FAQs About Landscape Fabrics

1. What Materials Can Be Found in Landscape Fabrics?

Common materials found in landscape fabrics include polypropylene, polyester, jute, and coir. Each material offers certain durability, permeability, and biodegradability levels to meet varying gardening preferences.

2. Can Landscape Fabric Be Used to Control Weed Growth?

Absolutely! Landscape fabrics are specifically made to control weed growth. As you spread weed fabric on the ground, it cuts off the sunlight to weeds and suppresses their growth. Because of their weed-controlling prowess, they are often called weed barrier fabrics.  

3. Are plastic alternatives suitable for landscape fabric?

Plastic alternatives to weed control fabric might seem attractive as they get the job done and are very cheap, but they are not recommended. Plastic layering cuts off water and air circulation, leading to poor soil and inhibited plant growth.

4. Which VEVOR Landscape Fabric model would you recommend?

The highly recommended VEVOR landscape fabric model is Heavy Duty 3.2OZ Woven Weed Control Fabric. This heavy-duty landscape fabric features high permeability and a polyethylene ground cover, making it suitable for all sorts of garden, agriculture, and industrial landscaping uses. 

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