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Weighted Blanket

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Embrace Calm And Select Weighted Comfort Blanket

Find the delicate hug of VEVOR's weighted blanket, masterfully created to improve your rest quality. These weighty covers are not only a sheet material frill; they're a rest upset. With profound tension touch, our weighted blankets offer an encouraging sensation, advancing unwinding and stress help.

Whether you're settling down following a monotonous day or looking for a more profound night's rest, VEVOR's heavy blanket choice is customized to give you the quiet rest you merit for your comfort.

Types of VEVOR Weighted Blankets

Classic Cotton Weighted Blanket

Experience the snug embrace of VEVOR's Classic Cotton Weighted Blanket, featuring a 100-cotton fabric that is soft and machine washable for ease.

Ideal for users who value a natural and cooling weighted blanket, it’s designed to be paired with stylish duvet covers for a quick refresh.

Luxe Cooling Weighted Blanket

Stay calm and collected with VEVOR's Luxe Cooling Weighted Blanket, ingeniously filled with delicate glass beads for weight and temperature control.

These heavy blankets offer a deep pressure sensation to aid in falling asleep, perfect for hot sleepers who need a calm and relaxed night's rest.

Children’s Comfort Weighted Blanket

Specifically tailored for younger users, our weighted blankets for kids are a safe and cozy solution for restful sleep.

They are machine washable and durable, making them an ideal choice for everyday use, whether for a nap or overnight comfort, with blankets appropriate for a child’s body weight.

Plush Heavy Blanket

VEVOR’s Plush Heavy Blanket is the ultimate comfort companion, combining the soothing deep pressure you expect from a weighted blanket with the luxurious feel of a plush throw blanket.

This blanket can be safely cleaned in cold water and left to air dry, making maintenance a breeze.

Therapeutic 25-Pound Weighted Blanket

Our Therapeutic 25-pound Weighted Blanket is engineered for those seeking significant deep-pressure benefits.

Crafted to support body weight distribution, it's one of the heavy blankets that's both therapeutic and comfortable, ensuring that users can choose a weighted blanket that genuinely suits their needs.

Factors for Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket at VEVOR

Weight and Comfort

Match the weighted blanket to your body weight for optimal deep-pressure benefits and the best spa results, ensuring a restful sleep. Select a VEVOR weighted blanket corresponding to your body weight to maximize the deep-pressure sensation promoting restful sleep.

Material Quality

Choose 100 cotton weighted blankets for breathability or glass bead options for a cooling effect; all are machine washable for convenience.

Size Variety

VEVOR offers weighted blankets in various sizes, from personal throw blanket dimensions to larger sizes, ensuring a perfect for your cozy bed or couch.

Care and Maintenance

Look for easy-care weighted blankets that can be machine washed and air dry, saving time and preserving the blanket features.

Pricing and Warranty

Ensure value for money with VEVOR’s competitively priced blanket features, backed by solid warranties that don't sacrifice quality.

Essential Qualities and Care Guidelines for Weighted Blanket Selection At VEVOR

Unlock the secret to a better night's sleep with VEVOR's weighted blankets, designed to provide deep pressure for a soothing embrace. Crafted with glass beads and 100 cotton, these promote relaxation and help in falling asleep faster.

The cooling weighted blankets are ideal for those seeking comfort without the heat. They are machine-washed and can be air-dried or gently washed in cold water. Whether it's the Luna weighted blanket cover or a cozy throw blanket for your couch, VEVOR offers a variety of weights, including up to 25 pounds, perfect for any body weight. Choose VEVOR, where quality meets restful sleep.

Rest Easy with Top VEVOR Weighted Blankets

Dive into the comforting arms of VEVOR's Luna weighted blankets, meticulously designed for deep relaxation and stress relief.

VEVOR's 15lbs Heavy Sensory Weighted Blanket

Discover the soothing touch of the VEVOR 60"80" 15lbs weighted blanket, a heavy blanket for those seeking deeper sleep and sensory therapy. Its glass beads ensure even deep pressure distribution, akin to a gentle hug, promoting a faster transition to dreamland.

VEVOR Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover for Better Sleep

Enhance your sleeping experience with the VEVOR weighted blanket 60x80 inches with a duvet Cover. This 15-pound blanket cover comes with a soft duvet cover for added comfort and is machine washable for ease of care. It's designed for warmth, improving sleep quality, and reducing anxiety.

Why VEVOR's Weighted Blankets Are Unbeatable for Heavy-Duty Projects

VEVOR's Luna weighted blankets are meticulously designed to provide a deep pressure sensation akin to a gentle embrace, aiding in quickly falling asleep. Each blanket is filled with non-toxic glass beads, evenly distributed to apply consistent pressure across your body. With options up to 25 pounds, they're suitable for various body weights and preferences, including cooling weighted blankets for warm sleepers.

The machine-washed feature and the inclusion of duvet covers make maintenance a breeze. For a snug experience, the cotton napper and plush, heavy blankets cater to all — from restless kids to adults seeking solace after a long day.

FAQs on VEVOR Weighted Blankets

Q1: What makes VEVOR weighted blankets unique compared to regular blankets?

A1: VEVOR’s weighted blankets are infused with deep-pressure glass beads to promote relaxation and are made with 100 cotton for breathability, offering a distinct combination of comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Q2: How do I select the right weighted blanket from VEVOR?

A2: Choose a VEVOR weighted blanket based on your body weight; it's recommended to be about 10% of your body weight. Consider a 25-pound blanket for heavier deep-pressure needs or weighted blankets for kids for a lighter touch.

Q3: Are VEVOR's weighted blankets easy to clean?

A3: Our weighted blankets come with machine-washed instructions and some with removable duvet covers, making them easy to air dry and maintain. For added convenience, select styles are designed to be washed in cold water to preserve their blanket features.

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