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Portable Cooler

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VEVOR Portable Cooler For Cutting-edge Features

In a world where convenience meets invention, VEVOR is your trusted supplier for refrigeration and ice equipment. Picture yourself sitting at your desk, driving along the roadside or frolicking in a field. Suddenly, you feel thirsty for something cold and fresh to drink. What are you going to do then? Fret Not! A VEVOR hand held cooler is at your service. VEVOR knows all these moments and creates products to refine your experience.

With this groundbreaking portable cooler, you can set different temperatures for your beverages, ensuring that every sip is how you like it. VEVOR portable coolers have much more to offer than pure aesthetic appeal. Inside the sleek casing is a touch of class brought along to enrich your life in design, conceptual elegance, and refreshment. Read on below to witness how VEVOR's portable cooler isn't merely a product that offers greater lead life and cooler, crisper moments no matter where your path takes you.

Portable Coolers We Have

Let's break down the cool pack of portable coolers. Each of these is special; therefore, let us discuss what makes them unique.

Electric Portable Cooler

Have you ever longed to have your mini fridge? That's the idea behind electric portable coolers. These convenient devices are electric; their electricity is normally provided by plugging them into the power outlet in your car or a regular wall socket. Sizes vary from compact units to larger ones. An electric hand held cooler keeps your cold drinks and snacks refreshingly cool with the help of a thermoelectric cooling system.

Cooling efficiency is one of the perks that electric portable coolers have to offer. In warm weather, these coolers will keep your beverages icy cold. Moreover, these multipurpose units work fine on the road or for camping trips. Whatever you need!

Insulated Soft Sided Cooler

The soft sided cooler is as flexible as your weekend plans. This insulated cooler is a cooler backpack. They're usually made from durable, insulated fabric and thus much like the more practical version of the regular bag-packer.

Now, why go for soft cooler? The soft sided cooler is highly portable. It is lightweight, comfortable to carry with adjustable shoulder strap. Soft cooler is suitable for a picnic at the beach or just hanging out, these coolers are your ally when you want to keep it light in weight and hassle.

Rotomolding Hard-Sided Cooler

If durability is your game, these coolers are our MVPs. Rotomolding creates a watertight and rugged exterior able to withstand rough uses. They are ideal for camping trips, fishing trips or even an adventure into the wild side.

So why choose the strong way? They're made to take bumps, falls and whatever the great outdoors can dish up. The insulation is excellent for long ice retention. It is especially good for longer trips or those where you need your provisions to remain cold over a long period.

Upkeep Of Portable Cooler

A little care keeps your hand held cooler well-maintained. Nothing's more of a downer than to return from an outing only to neglect the cleanup. Remove the contents from the cooler, shake off any crumbs, and give it a mild soap wipe-down. IcePack Users, ensure the seal is tight and replace any looking worn. The magic touch of an open baking soda box combats funky odors. Place your cooler near shade- Cover it from the sun to help retain temperature.

Take a look at those rubbery gaskets because they guard cold. Scrape off melted ice occasionally, and give the outside a light wipe with a cloth. Remember that a well-maintained cooler is a relief on every future quest. Cheers to keeping it cool!

Key Points For Choosing Of Portable Cooler

For being an informed customer, you need to go through the features of portable coolers. Following guidelines simplifies the choosing of a portable cooler to ensure a smooth experience.


Think about the kind and size of cooler that suits your cooler adventures. Think whether you want to go for small coolers or hefty ones. You have to think about how many drinks and snacks you can squeeze in there, the size of your drink container, and what kind of things go well, like nuts, coke, and cakes.


Insulation has to go the extra mile. You want a cooler that will keep things cold for a long time so that you don't have to worry about your refreshments warming up the longer you play.


Adventures can be rough on coolers. Go for one that's up to the challenge. That perfectly marinated meat will get shaken if your cooler can't stand the bumps and knocks.

Cool Control

Temperature control? Ensure your cooler can hit the temperature you desire in degree fahrenheit. You want iced drinks when you wish, which can be tailored just to your ideal refrigeration level.

On-The-Go Convenience

For the on-the-move person, try a backpack cooler. It's like having a cool friend riding your back, leaving the hands open for more important things like slapping high-fives and pinching snacks.

Top-Tier VEVOR Portable Coolers

Elevate your cooling with our selected collection of VEVOR Portable coolers. Explore convenience with innovation the without compromising on style.

65-Can Insulated Portable Cooler

An ultra-light material makes our 65-can hard cooler a perfect companion for any outdoor activity. It's just comfortable to carry, and every adventure is more fun. In addition to the double-sealed insulation design, our ice chest keeps things cool for a long time. It will give lukewarm drinks the boot for good! This tough-as-nails cooler is a warrior of the UV light. It's made from LLDPE plastic. The quick-flip latch on our large cooler has a hole for fingers, so food and drink can be conveniently carried.

28-Can Backpack Cooler

Our 28-can backpack cooler is made of 600D nylon material and a 7 mm PE foam layer, making it possible to keep your cold drinks chilled or food warm for up to one whole day. The 20L capacity has you covered for everything needed outdoors. It's even waterproof and leakproof! You can adjust the length of shoulder strap to your liking. It won't leak even in the sun, rain, or melted ice.

35-Can Insulated Portable Cooler

All forget about lukewarm drinks and spoiled food. We have designed our hard insulated coolers with 2 inches of closed-cell foam insulation and a commercial-grade silicone seal, keeping your food and drinks cold for up to six days. Our 33 qt buddy ice chest is big enough to hold 35 cans of your preferred soda. This 35-can camping cooler will be your trusty travel companion, whether you're headed for a picnic or going on an overnight stay.

24-Can Oxford Fabric Cooler Bag

With 600D Oxford fabric, the hardbody 24-can cooler bag is quite durable. It has a remarkable insulation capability of up to 24 hours. Every inch of these hardbody insulated coolers has been carefully crafted from tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant 60D Oxford fabric. The interior lining is heat-treated to prevent shifting during transport. At the same time, its professional stitching provides additional protection against wear and tear that outdoor adventures are sure to cause. There are adjustable shoulder straps on this deep freeze cooler bag to meet your needs and preferences so you can enjoy the perfect fit. It offers abundant space for storing your daily travel knick-knacks with one inside and two outside compartments and a side mesh pocket.

Why VEVOR For Portable Coolers?

With VEVOR, take your portable cooling to a new level of cool! The variety of our products means there is something to suit every taste and need. Whether smaller coolers or fashionable models, VEVOR represents every style to be taken on an adventure. Our cornerstone is quality--a time-tested durability distinguishes our products. What's even cooler? Our commitment to affordability. Experience high performance at affordable prices. Opt for extraordinary with VEVOR: adventures to be noticed. Ready to upgrade? Take the opportunity to cool every moment right now! Your perfect portable cooler awaits.

FAQs About Portable Coolers

Q1: Can I use dry ice in my portable cooler?

A1: Yes, you can! Most coolers VEVOR make are designed to stand the deep freeze of dry ice. Just follow the safety guidelines and use them properly.

Q2: How can I ensure the most ice retention in my cooler during long trips?

A2: Before loading, pre-chill your cooler. Use very good quality ice packs and open the boxes as little as possible. These steps enhance insulation so that the ice is retained longer.

Q3: Can I leave my portable cooler in the car on a hot day?

A3: Portable coolers are built to accommodate some heat, but briefly leave yours in the hot car as a general rule. Seek shade or use a reflective cover to protect your cooler.

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