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Fire Pit Grate

VEVOR Fire Pit Grate Round Firewood Grate 91cm Grate for Fire Pit Heavy Steel
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Fire Pit Grate
Wood needs oxygen to breathe, and the best way to make sure your fire stays hot throughout the night is to use a fire pit grate to boost your flame. Our fire grates have everything you could ask for, all made from industrial-grade steel or iron, ready for cold nights and cook over an open fire. Perfect for any backyard and campsite. Fire pit grates generally come in two types: barbecue use or firewood-only.

Cooking Grate
This type allows food to be placed directly on it, the light steel material ensures this fire pit grill grate is designed for added longevity and durability, and the surface is adopted high temperature resistant coating to withstand the hottest logs. Besides, the tight grid design will not let the food fall off. The collection is available in a variety of shapes (round, rectangular and square) and sizes (32" x 15"; 44" x 15"; 36" x 36"; Dia.36"; Dia.30" etc.), and you can even choose to be foldable or non-foldable according to your needs.

Firewood Grate
This type allows wood to be placed directly on it. The round grate is made of Q235 steel and has a painted surface; the wheel grate is designed with heavy-duty iron construction and has a black powder-coated surface, both types are featured by high strength and high temperature resistance. Firewood grates keep wood at least 3 inches off the ground, allowing better air circulation and using less wood for a more powerful fire. The curved edges of the wheel grate help prevent logs from rolling out of the wood-fired grate. We also offer a variety of sizes (Dia.28"; Dia.32"; Dia.40" etc.) in this series for you to choose from.

The above is a brief introduction to fire pit grate. VEVOR's fire pit grate is the perfect addition to any fire pit and helps you get the most out of your fireside experience! More different styles await your choice, come and try for yourself!

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