VEVOR Heat Press Troubleshooting: The Ultimate Guide


VEVOR’s heat press is one of the most versatile crafting tools to have at your home. It is efficient enough to produce a large number of prints on any material, including glass and ceramic, in a short time.

But sometimes, not always, it can start acting up; that is why you have landed on this post today. It could be that your heat press won’t turn on or heat up properly. It could even be tripping or shutting off on its own, causing you annoyance.

Whatever it is, don’t fret because all of those are fairly common problems with these tools. With no delay, let’s delve into heat press troubleshooting and get that thing working again.

Troubleshooting Tip 1: My Heat Press Not Heating Up

heat press not heating up

The device powers up, and the light comes on, but the heat press is not heating up.

Reasons: It might be due to a poorly functioning heat sensor, problems with the relay switch, weak platen connections, or insufficient power.

Here are a few fixes for the problem based on what’s causing it:

1. Check the Heat Sensor

A poorly functioning heat sensor is one of the common reasons behind a heat press not heating up. These sensors detect excessive heat if it occurs and have a tendency to burn out when this happens. A compromised temperature sensor will limit the machine from heating up until replaced.

2. Check the Relay Switch or Solid State Relay

The relay switch handles the power that flows through the circuit of your heat press machine. A burnt-out relay box or one with loose connections will make it impossible for the machine to heat up.

You can check if your relay switch needs replacement or just service with one simple test. Unplug your machine, access the heat panel, and detach the wires from terminal ports 1 and 2. Then, cross the two wires, connect them both to port 2 and plug the heat press. If the heating element begins to heat up, get your relay box replaced before it compromises the heating element.

3. Check the Platen Connections

One of the fairly plausible explanations behind your heat press not heating up is a loose platen connection. Due to high heat, the soldering that connects wires to the platen comes off. If you are an amateur, contact a professional for re-soldering.

Such issues are a little hard to detect because everything apparently looks normal when you dig up.

4. Check the Power

Heat presses need a fair amount of power to fulfill their heating requirements. Depending on your locality, insufficient wattage might be one reason behind your heat press not heating up. You might have to make sure your heat press receives its required voltage.

Troubleshooting Tip 2: Heat Press Won’t Turn On

You plug the machine but see no lights or hear no sounds.

Reasons: There are several explanations as to why your heat press won’t turn on. It could be due to a damaged power cable or a blown fuse.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Check Power Cable and Wires

A damaged power cable is one of the obvious things to inspect if heat press troubleshooting. It might have melted due to high heat as a result of excessive usage or inconsistent power supply. So, inspect its physical condition and have your power cable replaced if it seems damaged.

However, if the power cable looks fine, pick up a flashlight and dig up the heat press panel. There is a fair chance your heat press won’t turn on because connections have loosened up or broken.

2. Look for a Blown Fuse

A fuse acts as a mini circuit breaker for a heat press, protecting it from excessive current. An inconsistent voltage or over usage of the machine can cause the fuse to blow up. If your machine isn’t turning on, rule out the possibility of a faulty safety fuse. A blown fuse looks blackened on both ends and needs immediate replacement.

3. Check the Circuit Board

A circuit board helps form connections within the heating device by channeling electricity from one component to another. Access the circuit board for the heat press trough and inspect for swollen areas, burnt marks, or scratches. Contact the supplier or manufacturer if you spot anything that indicates the board needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting Tip 3: My Heat Press Keeps Shutting Off

At times, your heat press will heat up fine but then suddenly shut off, making a strange sound. In fact, it might turn on but shut off before heating up.

Reasons: A faulty breaker, compromised wires, or outlet overload can be plausible reasons why your heat press keeps turning off on its own.

You can troubleshoot the issue by:

1. Inspecting the Breaker

Heat press breakers mean to protect your machine from electrical surges and fluctuations. The most plausible explanation for why your VEVOR heat press keeps shutting off is a faulty breaker.

There are several indicators for that, including visible damage, an overheated breaker, or a burning smell. In such cases, there is no option but to replace the breaker.

2. Reduce the Load

When you plug your heat press into an overloaded outlet, it trips frequently. To fix the issue, try unplugging other heavy devices that can be too demanding for the circuit. If the problem persists, get your house’s electrical fittings inspected.

Troubleshooting Tip 4: Heat Press Keeps Tripping Breaker

heat press keeps tripping breaker

Have a bunch of tasks due, but the heat press keeps tripping the breaker?

Reason: Compromised heating elements or wires can be the reason why your machine is acting up. In any of the cases, contact a professional and have them replace the defective part.

1. Heating Elements or Temperature Sensors

If a heating element inside a heating press is damaged, it might draw excessive currents. Consequently, the circuit breaker will trip to cut the power supply. Moreover, a malfunctioning temperature system will cause overheating, which triggers the breaker as a precaution.

2. Check the Wiring

Excessive heat and usage can cause a heat press’s electrical wiring and insulation to wear out or get dirty. Such problems can lead to circuit breakers cutting off the power supply, thus shutting off the machine automatically.

Troubleshooting Tip 5: Heat Press Temperature Fluctuating

Cause: If your heat press temperature keeps dropping below the set point, the temperature system is most likely broken. Overuse and excessive heating without appropriate ventilation can lead to a damaged temperature system. Besides, heating elements can also act up when they do not get enough power supply.

Fix: Contact the supplier of the manufacturer to have the compromised components replaced.

Troubleshooting Tip 6: Other Common Problems When Using Heat Press

Here are some other VEVOR heat press troubleshooting hacks you might need:

1. Irregular Print Application

Reason: Insufficient heat or pressure are the reasons why your designs won’t come off on the material as planned. However, if you have ensured the optimum temperature and pressure and the print is not up to the mark, fabric might be the reason.

Fix: Each vinyl has different temperature, time, and pressure requirements. So, do not forget to check the instructions before creating prints. If the design still does not look good, check if your article has a coating fabric, like a water-repellent layer or anti-microbial. Unfortunately, such items are not fit for HTV customization.

2. Scorching of Fabrics

Reason: Some fabrics have a low melting point, which is why they give in when too much heat is applied.

Solution: A fabric scorching between the plates of a heat press is the last thing anyone wants. Therefore, check the optimum heating range for the material you use. You can also use a spare one to test the print before using the actual one.

3. Placement of the Design

Reason: Your design might look crooked or not lined up if you did not press the iron the fabric beforehand or didn’t place it correctly.

Fix: Begin with a straight fabric and know exactly how to align the print. Some people like to work with generalities like the three or four-finger rule below the neckline or collar.

4. Fading or Discoloration

Cause: Color transfer issues arise due to prolonged exposure of your article to the heat press. Moreover, the prints might also look discolored if you are not printing on a high-quality material.

Fix: Avoid overdoing the press or the heat in an attempt to obtain a colorful pattern. Adhere to the suggested heat and time settings strictly. Additionally, use high-quality ceramics and fabrics to prevent designs from looking dull.

FAQs about VEVOR Heat Press Troubleshooting

1. How to reset a heat press?

Over time, a heat press may develop issues requiring a reset to restore functionality. Use the device’s resetting button on the side. You can unplug the machine and plug something else into the switch you are using for the heat press.

2. How do I know if my heat press fuse is blown?

First, ensure your heat press is unplugged from the power source to eliminate any electrical hazards. Next, carefully open the fuse compartment to access the fuse and visually inspect it. A blown fuse typically has a break in the metal filament, visible through the glass or ceramic body. However, the fuse is likely still functional if the filament is intact and continuous.

Wrapping Up

Versatile tools come with diverse maintenance requirements. By understanding these simple heat press troubleshooting techniques, you will be able to self-diagnose your machine’s problems. It will make it easier for you to communicate about these issues while talking to a professional about them.

However, VEVOR does not only have useful tips for you but also high-quality heat transfer machines.

Whether you are a small business owner or adopting heat transfer as a side hustle, we have amazing options for you at amazing prices. Our heat press machines have satisfied thousands of customers like you. If you wish to know more about VEVOR heat press, you can check out our heat press reviews.

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