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Looking to add a refreshing touch to your outdoor gatherings? Look no further than the 15L/4Gal slushie machine. With its impressive 15-liter tank capacity, this frozen drink maker can hold a large quantity of slushies and beverages, making it ideal for parties and events. But did you know this versatile machine can also be used in an outdoor kitchen, even in less-than-ideal conditions?

Let’s get into the details!

What is the VEVOR Slushy Machine?

The VEVOR slushy machine is a specialized appliance for frozen slushies and beverages. It typically features a large tank capacity to hold a significant quantity of slushy mixture. The machine uses a powerful compressor to cool the liquid, creating a semi-frozen consistency rapidly.


Slushie machines often have control panels to adjust temperature settings and dispensing features like faucets for easy serving. They are popular in commercial settings like cafes, restaurants, and amusement parks and for personal use in homes and outdoor kitchens.

How Does VEVOR Slushy Machine Work?

Slushie machine, also known as frozen drink maker, is designed to create delicious and refreshing slushies easily.

Here’s a breakdown of how these machines work:

1. Cooling Mechanism


The VEVOR slushy machine has a powerful compressor that rapidly cools the beverage mixture. This compressor helps lower the liquid’s temperature and turn it into a slushy consistency.

2. Mixing Stirrer


The machine features a broadened mixing stirrer with 360-degree rotation. This stirrer helps to reduce sediment and thoroughly mix the beverage, ensuring a smooth and consistent slushy texture.

3. Control Panel


The VEVOR slushy machine has a control panel that allows you to switch between cool drink and slush modes effortlessly. It also has a temperature setting function, allowing you to keep the slushies fresh and at the desired consistency.

4. Time and Quantity

VEVOR slushy machines can produce slushies in a relatively short amount of time. For example, for about 20 cups, it takes approximately 30 minutes to make a batch of slushies, thanks to the machine’s powerful compressor and efficient cooling system.

With these mechanisms in place, slushie machines provide a convenient and efficient way to quickly create a large number of slushies, making them perfect for parties, events, and outdoor gatherings.

Features/ Specifications of VEVOR Slushy Machines

1. Tank Capacity and Interior Bowl Light

The VEVOR slushie machine can handle a lot of slushies and drinks thanks to its enormous 15 L / 4 US gallon tank capacity. This qualifies it for situations with high demand and a variety of flavors.

Additionally, the machine has an internal bowl light that highlights the beverages’ vivid colors and illuminates them, making them more aesthetically appealing and alluring to customers.

2. Advanced Quality and Easy Maintenance

The slushie machine features a superior stainless steel body, a food-grade PC tank, and a two-layers ABS lid. These materials ensure durability for long-term use and make cleaning and maintenance easier.

The broadened mixing stirrer, with 360-degree rotation, helps reduce residue and ensures thorough mixing of drinks.

3. Precise Control Area

The machine has a user-friendly control panel that allows easy operation. You can effortlessly switch on/off or toggle between cool drink and slush modes.

The machine also includes a preservation function, allowing you to set the temperature between 26.6 °F and 28.4 °F (-3~-2 ℃) to keep the slushies fresh. The control panel provides flexibility to adjust settings according to your specific needs.

4. Powerful Compressor and Rapid Cooling

With a 500-watt powerful compressor, the VEVOR slushy machine ensures rapid cooling of beverages. This not only saves time but also conserves energy. The compressor operates with low noise, creating a comfortable environment for customers and operators.

The machine can prepare 20 glass slushies in just 30 minutes, making it efficient for busy establishments. The antifreeze cylinder system automatically starts and stops to address freezing issues, extending the machine’s service life.

The superior quality condenser ensures fast refrigeration and stable operation.

5. Considerate Design


The slushie machine incorporates several considerate designs. It includes a detachable trip tray for conveniently placing cups and glasses, keeping the area neat and clean.

The faucet with a large diameter allows for rapid dispensing of beverages. The machine also features large air vents that facilitate long-period operation by providing adequate ventilation.

Rubber foot pads are also included to provide a buffer function and enhance durability.

How to Clean VEVOR Slushy Machine?

1. Empty the Tank


Start by emptying the slushy machine’s tank. Pour out any remaining slushy mix or leftover drinks.

2. Disassemble the Machine


Take apart the removable parts of the slushie machine, such as the mixing stirrer, lid, and drip tray. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper disassembly.

3. Wash Removable Parts


Wash the disassembled parts with warm water and mild dish soap. Use a sponge or cloth to scrub away any residue or stickiness. Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry.

4. Clean the Tank

Wipe the interior of the slushie machine’s tank with a damp cloth or sponge. Use warm water and vinegar to remove any stubborn stains or buildup. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

5. Sanitize the Machine

Prepare a sanitizing solution by mixing water with a food-grade sanitizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use this solution to wipe down the slushie machine’s tank, exterior surfaces, and other non-removable parts.

Let it sit for the recommended contact time, and then rinse with clean water.

6. Reassemble and Test

Once all the parts are dry, reassemble the slushie machine. Make sure everything is properly aligned and secured. Test the machine by running a cycle with water to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

7. Maintain Regular Cleaning

Clean the slushie machine regularly per the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent residue buildup and maintain hygiene. This will ensure optimal performance and longevity of the machine.

Remember to always refer to the specific cleaning instructions provided by the slushie machine manufacturer, as different models may have slight variations in the cleaning process.

Where to Buy VEVOR Slushy Machine?

You can purchase a VEVOR slushie machine from various online retailers. Check out VEVOR’s official website or visit popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. Don’t forget to use the discount codes “VVKIT5OFF” for a 5% discount or “VVKIT5” for a $5 discount on all VEVOR products. Happy shopping!


In conclusion, the VEVOR Slushie Machine is a game-changer for outdoor gatherings and parties. Its impressive 15-liter tank capacity and efficient cooling system make it perfect for serving many refreshing slushies.

With its user-friendly control panel, durable construction, and considerate design, this machine offers convenience and reliability. You can purchase the VEVOR slushie machine from various online retailers and take advantage of discount codes to make your purchase even more affordable.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor kitchen experience with this fantastic appliance. Cheers to summer fun!

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