How to Choose the Best Travel Trailer Waterproof RV Covers?


RVs are vulnerable to damage. We all know that, right? And this is the reason why they need to be safeguarded. RV covers can be one of the perfect defences against environmental damages like pollutants, dust, and harsh climatic conditions.

It can be one of the wisest investments one can make to shield their RVs. Please note that protecting your rig is not just trapping or draping a cloth on it. You will need a high-end RV cover to protect your rig from external damage. And which is why we are here today! We will discuss RV covers, their top contenders, types, and a lot more in this article. So, let’s begin!

List of Top 5 Travel Trailer Covers


Let’s start with the top five travel trail RV covers that are gaining positive responses in 2023:

1. VEVOR Travel Trailer RV Cover

The VEVOR 4-layer, anti-UV, non-woven fabric RV travel trailer cover is extremely durable and promises a long service life. It features perfect-fit elastic hem corners, double stitching seams, tension panels, strong buckles, etc. This waterproof cover is robust enough to combat heavy snow, rain, and windy weather.

Moreover, it offers effective all-season protection, keeping your rig safe and functioning all year round. The VEVOR RV cover is 33.5 feet long, making it a perfect pick for 30” to 33” RVs. Let’s have a look at the top features of this versatile RV cover:

Features and Performance

Extra Long Zipper Pulls: The extra-long, scratch-proof zipper pulls are the highlights of this RV cover. The breathable cover allows you to check the whereabouts of the rig’s interiors.

Perfect Fit: The camper cover is around 33 to 35 feet long, bringing all the RV conveniences and protection.

● Brand: VEVOR

● Model: VV-RV-3033

● Fit Size: RV 30′-33′

● Material: Composite Non-woven Fabric

● Ultraviolet Light Protection: Anti-UV

● Item Size: 33.5’x8.5’x8.7’/1021x260x265 cm

● Item Weight: 24.5 lbs /11.1 kg


● The cover comes with considerate details

● This RV cover provides all-around protection to the rig

● The zipper entrance design is the main highlight of this cover

● Its 4-ply non-woven fabric is durable and extra-thick

● This RV cover is waterproof and controls degrading and aging by harsh weather

2. King Bird Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

King Bird RV cover offers the right balance of the latest features, a reasonable price, and impressive quality. It comes with endless straps to help you get the best snug fit. Moreover, you also get two separate belts, 6 air vents, UV-resistant fabric, and 5 layers of tear-resistant fabric.

Features and Performance

Windproof: The 2 extra innovative straps for tying the rig’s body make the RV cover 100% windproof.

Accessible Design: The rollable zippered door allows you to access the rig doors easily. You can check the internals through the windows.

● Brand: King Bird

● Item Weight: 28.8 pounds

● Product Dimensions: 240 x 108 x 105 inches

● Ultraviolet Light Protection: Anti-UV


● It is a tear-proof and windproof RV cover

● The cover comes with 6 air vents on both sides

3. Quictent Extra Thick RV Cover

The Quictent Extra Thick 6-ply camper cover has everything you need to safeguard your rig. This breathable, watertight, anti-UV, and quick-drying RV cover comes with 4 tire covers and 2 windproof straps.

Features and Performance

Upgraded PVC Buckle Straps: This cover has two firmly stitched, strong blue buckle straps, 20 interchangeable PVC straps on both sides with 10 adjustable straps. They help in keeping the cover intact during extreme weather conditions.

Quick Drying: This advanced RV cover has intelligent air vent systems with 6 air vents on both sides. It reduces moisture and dries fast.

● Brand: Quictent

● Item Weight: 33.5 pounds

● Product Dimensions: 240 x 105 x 108 inches

● Ultraviolet Light Protection: Anti-UV


● It has 4 tire covers and side access panels

● The 4-layer sides and 6-layer top ensure 100% protection of the rig

4. ADCO Designer Series SFS AquaShed

ADCO is a leading name in the RV cover market. SFS AquaShed top panel, air vents, quick connect buckles, clinching system, and weight buckle toss-under strap are some of the top features of this RV cover.

Features and Performance

Made for the C Class Trailers: ADCO offers a full RV cover line-up specially engineered to fit different RV trailer sizes ranging from 15 to 37 feet.

SFS AquaShed: This cover has an advanced SFS AquaShed top panel and a triple layer of polypropylene sides. It repels water splashes, maintains the cover fabric’s breathability and ensures ample indoor ventilation.

● Brand: ADCO

● Item Weight: 7.43 pounds

● Product Dimensions: 17.81 x 13.54 x 7.43 inches

● Ultraviolet Light Protection: Anti-UV


● It is an ideal cover for wet climates

● This cover is also available in different versions with a zippered flap back

5. Umbrauto RV Cover

Do you store your rig in full sun? If yes, the Umbrauto RV cover can be the thing for you. It comes with an innovative Tyvek Anti-UV top that helps repel deadly heat waves effectively.

Features and Performance

Tear Resistant: This cover is more wear-resistant and durable than other RV covers. They are engineered to avoid aging, tearing, and disintegrating, even in extreme sun exposure.

Brilliant Air Permeability: This RV cover has 6 vents to control the wind pressure and release internal moisture effectively. Moreover, the breathable material helps in maximizing water evaporation, keeping the cover insides clean and dry.

● Brand: Umbrauto

● Item Weight: 38.6 pounds

● Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 20.5 x 17 inches

● Ultraviolet Light Protection: Anti-UV


● It is a 7-accessories RV cover

● It also has windproof, waterproof, and anti-UV features.

After considering all the above options, VEVOR RV Cover is the best pick. It offers perfect protection and features at the most affordable rates. The prices of ADCO and Umbrauto RV covers are slightly higher. In contrast, King Bird and Quictent offer good quick-dry RV covers.

Different Types of Travel Trailer Covers


Three major types of RV covers are available in the market – Class A, Class B, and Class C. Let us look at them individually.

Class A RV Covers

Class A RV covers are the premium quality trailer covers so far. They are expensive and luxurious and ideal for extended trips. These covers come in a length of 34 to 37 feet. Class A covers have all the latest features a premium RV cover should have.

Class B RV Covers

Class B Vans or Class B RVs are the smallest motorhomes. They are ideally designed on a van framework. It is a decently-priced RV cover that comes with advanced features. It is ideal for short-term indoor and outdoor storage. These covers feature Durapel rain finish and UV sun inhibitor to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Class C RV Covers

Class C RVs are designed on a truck framework. Therefore, its covers are made with harsh climatic conditions in mind. For maximum protection, it has spun-bound fabric layers, polypropylene side panels, heavy-duty seams, and vented flaps.

What Should You Look for When Buying Travel Trailer Covers?


Buying the perfect travel trailer cover is a daunting task. But these factors can help make this process simpler and enjoyable.

Size: First, you must pick the right RV cover size for your rig. You can easily get the size information on all the RV trailer covers. However, we advise measuring your rig before buying rather than relying plainly on the registration manuals.

Number of Layers: Branded RV covers comprise multiple polyester or polypropylene fabric layers. For instance, VEVOR Trailer RV Cover is a 4-layer fabric cover with extra-long zipper pulls. Such covers provide all-season protection to the rig. So, ensure you pick a similar cover to provide 100% safety to your expensive rigs.

Protection: When checking out the RV trailer cover specs, see if it includes water or UV repellents. It is a crucial feature that enables water evaporation rather than allowing it to seep through the cover, leading to mildew formation.

Tire Covers: Like the main rig body, its tires are equally vulnerable to damage. Therefore, ensure you invest in reliable tire covers as well.

Are Travel Trailer Covers Worth it?


Without a doubt! You see, RVs have to face many challenges when left unattended in the open. The harmful UV rays can crack the seals and fade the paint. Extreme rainfalls and moisture can give rise to mildew and mold build-up. And hail storms and ice storms can invite roof leaks.

Investing in a high-quality cover like VEVOR RV Cover can help you keep all these hazards at bay. It will not only protect your rig but will also save you significantly on its maintenance. Therefore, travel trailer covers are worth every penny invested.

FAQs About Travel Trailer Covers

Q. What is the best RV cover brand?

VEVOR RV Cover is hands down the best RV cover brand so far. It is waterproof, UV resistant, breathable, easy to install, and perfectly fits the rig. Moreover, its well-designed features and thoughtful details prove all-season protection to the travel trailer.

Q. Are RV covers waterproof?

Beware. Not all RV covers are waterproof. Therefore, ensure you read the product details carefully before buying it. A high-quality waterproof cover is vital in protecting your rig from water damage.

Q. What are the top materials for RV covers?

The best RV cover materials are polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, and solution-dyed acrylic.

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