The best Hose Crimping Tools to Bank on in 2023


Hose crimping tool

Crimping technique has been used and preferred in the industrial sector for centuries. The fitting of hydraulic hoses can be connected using crimping technique. The crimping machine is a tool used in the assembling of hoses. It can be powered by electricity, hydraulic oil, or both electricity and hydraulic oil.

Hose Crimping tool

The hydraulic hose crimping machine is used to crimp hydraulic hoses with various hose diameters, various fitting shapes, and various fitting sizes. Because it provides a high crimping pressure that may be employed for situations with very high pressure, hydraulic power is used for crimpers. Nearly all hoses are crimped at this time.  

Significance of Hose Crimping Tool

Crimping provides a number of benefits. The main advantage of crimped connections is that they produce an airtight seal between the connector and the cable, wire, or hose, protecting the connection from external elements including moisture, sand, dust, and dirt.

Electrical wiring, piping, and automobile assembly are just a few industrial uses for hydraulic crimpers. A permanent connection connecting a hydraulic hose to a hose fitting is also made using crimpers. These crimpers are perfect for big manufacturing lines with expensive manual labour.

List of the best Hose Crimping Tools for 2023

1. VEVOR Hydraulic Hose Crimper Hydra-Krimp 71500

Hose crimping tool

A reliable tool for crimping is the VEVOR Hydraulic Hose Crimper. Because this crimper is composed of aluminium alloy, its durability is guaranteed. To withstand significant stress, a stamper’s hardness can reach up to 53 HRC. Additionally, it has 7 dies in the following sizes: 5/16″, 13/32″, 1/2″, and 5/8″, as well as reduced barrier #8, #10, and #12 (13/32″, 1/2″, and 5/8).

It is simple to operate this hand-held integrated hydraulic press A/C hose crimper. The hydraulic tool has been meticulously constructed, with features like a pressure relief valve and an oil cylinder that won’t leak.

Hose crimping tool

This hose crimper is portable and lightweight. A single person may operate it. It helps us save time and effort. Additionally, the plastic toolbox in which the crimping tool set is kept minimises the likelihood of missing components. It is lightweight and portable.

The crimping tool features a base that may be held by any vise or affixed on a bench for convenient usage. It is compatible with the AC hose, bead locking fitting, and AC lines on the project vehicle.

Features and performance:

  • Light weighted & compact

Keeping in consideration, the convenience of the users, the hose crimper is designed light- weighted. It can be easily be held in hand and carried place to place. This portability makes it a product used by number of people for centuries. Besides, the crimping tool kit is stored in a plastic toolbox. The modest size of it helps to fix it in one box and thus reduces the possibility of missing its parts. It is compact and easy to carry.

Hose crimping tool

  • Base for bench mounting

The crimping tool is instilled with a base. This base is used to for bench mounting. It can be mounted to desirable bench that helps to use it easily and as per demand by the use of holding fixture. This base can be held by any vice.

  • Energy saving operations

Due to its light weight and compact feature, it is easy to be operated by one person. It helps to save time and energy. One doesn’t have to invest lot of energy and time to use it. Rather the work is done in short spans of time with the investment of little amount of energy. Thus, it gives outstanding work performance.

Hose crimping tool

  • Safe and efficient in operation

The outstanding feature of hose crimping tool makes it a product widely used. It is safe to use and provides efficient operations.

  • Reliability

The hose crimper tool is reliable and provides a long-lasting warranty. It is maintenance free as it is made up of aluminium alloy that helps it to retain any damage.

  • Various Usage

The hose crimping tool is versatile in terms of its usage. This can be used to project car’s AC lines. As a result, it provides a lot of ease in terms of its management. The removal of hoses, crimping of ends, and reinstallation of hoses is effortless. It can be done easily.

Model: 71500

Type: Hose Crimper Tool

Crimp Dies: #6, #8, #10, #12 & Reduced Barrier #8, #10, #12

Weight: 17.6LBS 8KG

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Product Size: 18 x 15 x 9 in /46 x 38 x 23 cm

2. Amflo 855 Hose crimping tool

One of the quality hose crimpers available in market is Amflo 855 hose crimping tool. It comes up with steel main body castings, replaceable hardened steel dies and rugged anodized aluminum handle and linkage.

Features and performance:

Long lasting: It ensures a long life due to its construction and high performance capabilities.

Production capable tool: It is perfect for heavy shop use.


Product Dimensions: ‎12.7 x 4.2 x 3.6 inches

Country of Origin: ‎Taiwan

Item model number: ‎855

3. iGleelee manual hydraulic hose crimper

It is  an Automotive A/C Hose Crimping Tools for BH Air Conditioning Hose & Beadlock A/C Fittings.

It appears with 7 dies whole set which snap quickly into press fixture without pins and screws.

It is Separatable with aluminum pump used for normal pipe and reduced barrier fittings.


Item Weight: ‎20.4 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎19 x 15 x 6.5 inches

Item model number: ‎IG-7842P

4. REDLOONG hydraulic hose crimper

It is handheld hose crimping tool that appears with grip type textured with various ranges of colours.

Being aluminum alloy material, it ensures durability due to its 53 HRC hardness flexibility.


Item Weight: ‎14.12 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎16.1 x 12 x 3.2 inches

Item model number: ‎71500 Blue

5. Bangoo Hydraulic AC Crimping Tool

It is one of the best crimping tools made up of Aluminium alloy available in the market that happens to be widely used due to its light weight and easy use.

Features and performance:

Excellent performance: It provides the best output force without much usage of energy and power.

Easy to store: It is much easier to be stored in one box and also easy to carry along.


Item Weight: ‎20.7 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎19.5 x 15 x 6.9 inches

Item model number: ‎IG-7842M w/ Manual Pump

How does it work?

A pressurized liquid drives the piston into the cylindrical tube that over there compresses the hydraulic hose die against the hydraulic hose. The hydraulic hose crimping machine joins the hydraulic hose and hydraulic hose fitting together. These are connected firmly and compactly that it does allow the hydraulic fluid to leak. There’s also the possibility of becoming a permanent bend in the place of contact area. The die spring backs up and makes a permanent bent and helps them to join form. Hence they are conjoined well.

Installation process:

Hydraulic crimper can be installed according to the following steps: First, select the correct die to insert, insert the pin, then turn the tool’s body clockwise until dies are snug against hose fitting. Turn the valve to work position, pump the handle until stop. Finally, you can get the hose crimped.

Is Hose crimping tool worth it?

Yes, hose crimping tool provides a cost efficient way to crimp hydraulic hoses with varying hose diameters, shapes and sizes. It provides a greater help in assembling the hoses. As it can be powered by electricity and hydraulic oil both, it makes it worth using. With its ability to be operated by one person makes it a best choice for anyone looking for a crimping machine. The compaction of its into a small box reduce the risk of missing its parts and thus makes it a product preferred by lot many people.

Hose crimping tool

FAQ about Hose crimping tool

Q1. Can You Crimp Hose without Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool

The hydraulic hose crimping tool are the best tools to crimp the hoses. They provide the best crimping compared  to any other method. It is way too hard to manually compress metal connection with the use of pliers or some other methods.

Q2. Are hydraulic hoses secure to be used?

Yes, hydraulic hoses are most secure and reliable to be used. They provide the quality along with the reliability. They themselves prove to be secure and reliable after their application.

Q3. Why Choose VEVOR hydraulic hose crimpers?

The quality material provided by VEVOR makes it a popular brand that provides the best equipment and tools. It provides the customers the tough equipment and tools along with incredibly low prices. The premium tough quality provided by VEVOR makes it an international brand as its products are sold in over 200 countries and regions with 10 million plus members worldwide. So, one should consider thoroughly before purchasing any other brand.

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