The 5 Best Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Racks for 2023


Wine racks are an important part of wine storage and maturation. While a wine cellar is the best way to store your wines, your expensive investment may be lost without the correct storage method.

A ceiling-mounted wine glass rack, on the other hand, is a reasonable yet practical management tool for both restaurateurs and households alike. It’s an affordable way to get started in the delicate world of wine preservation and aging without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the correct wine rack will keep your glasses easily accessible and would make an ideal gift for a wine enthusiast.  However, we understand that with so many alternatives available, it can be overwhelming.

So keep reading to find out our best picks for ceiling-mounted wine glass racks in 2023!

List of Top 5 Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Racks

Anyone who has stemware collections and a small kitchen understands how difficult it is to keep these top-heavy bottles. That’s why we explored the web for the best ceiling-mounted wine glass racks designed to minimize space while securely storing your stemware.

You’ll find a variety of wine glass racks to suit your kitchen. Whatever your budget or room size, one of these ceiling-mounted racks will be just what you’ll need to make your next wine night with friends even more enjoyable.

1. VEVOR Ceiling Rack

Ceiling mounted wine glass rack

The two-in-one wine glass rack is an ideal addition to any kitchen, regardless of size or style. Measuring 46.9 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches, it has a multi-purpose design that is perfect not just for carefully storing your stemwares but also for tastefully showcasing your best wines.

Ceiling mounted wine glass rack

This hanging furniture’s upper shelves can hold numerous bottles of winess and spirits both vertically and horizontally. The bottom rack, on the other hand, is meant to store more than 30 wine glasses, guaranteeing that you are always prepared for a night of wine and dining with your friends and family.

Ceiling mounted wine glass rack

There are two hanging hooks that are ideal for putting equipment like washcloths or bottle openers for added convenience. Furthermore, the hanging wine glass rack’s four poles are height adjustable. Users may easily adjust the position using the provided 5 gears, making this rack meet the user’s height and installation area.


● Adjustable height.

● Very sturdy material.

● Versatile use.


● Not suitable for very compact kitchens.

The alloy plating procedure used on the wine glass rack provides you with peace of mind because the material is rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and solid for service. Additionally, the ceiling-mounted design allows you to arrange and take bottles and glasses in a variety of ways while saving space.

2.  Wine Enthusiast Metal Rack

This wine organizer’s 2-in-1 design allows you to make full use of unused vertical space. With a structure similar to classic kitchen suspending pot racks, this shelf firmly suspends from metal chains to provide excellent wine bar storage space.

The classic style works well with a tasting table, granite countertops, or cocktail bar. The upper shelf can accommodate up to eight standard wine bottles, while the below stemware rack can accommodate more than 20 stemmed glasses.

The rack is made of thick gauge metal and has elements like grooves on the top to put bottles in place and spray-coat finishes preventing rust. Overall, this hanging wine rack features a classic yet functional design that allows you to showcase your best set of stemware in a homely style.


● Suitable for small kitchens and bars

Made with high-quality iron


● Minimal safety support

3. SPTZQURY Ceiling Wine Glass Rack

This wine glass rack has a user-friendly design and is made of high-quality, low-cost materials. Wine bottles, liquor bottles, and other bar decorations can be simply stored on the upper shelf. Meanwhile, users may keep mugs and wine glasses on the bottom rack, making this hanging rack a one-stop storage solution in their kitchens.

The rack is made of iron and solid wood, making it extremely durable. The bottom hanger is highly adaptable and can be used to hang a variety of wine glasses. Furthermore, the ceiling-mounted design allows you to easily put and retrieve bottles and glasses from various directions.

Because of the streamlined structure, you can easily assemble this wine glass rack, sparing you a lot of energy and time. Only the pre-drilled hooks on the top of the columns are required to secure the entire rack to the ceiling. After screwing, the hanging shelf is ready to house your wine bottles and glasses.


● Durable construction

● Convenient installation


● It does not allow horizontal bottle storage

4. MBQQ Hanging Wine Rack

This wine rack adds an original and rustic touch to your house and kitchen. This stemware will complement your current cabinetry in this practical storage container.

The black metal and simple design will give your home a fresh feel while keeping your glasses organized and accessible to those who visit. Also, it comes in a single package with both mounting brackets, so you don’t have to figure out what’s missing.

This wine glass rack will be a creative storage solution for each member of your family or visitor to easily grab their drink. Overall, it is ideal for any wine enthusiast, from novice to connoisseur. It can also be used as a piece of home décor or a present.


● Sturdy design

● Versatile storage solution


Not suitable for smaller kitchens

5. MATILODI Wine Glass Rack

This stylish MATILODI rack is composed of the high-quality metal iron. With a high-grade coating that prevents oxidation and rusting in your cabinet’s trim piece, this wine rack set offers beauty and durability.

This wine rack package can be installed in minutes by putting it into your furniture with the accompanying screws before putting your glasses. The rack also comes completely built, with holes ready to be placed in  any place you choose.


● Very luxurious design


Limited glass capacity

Different Types of Ceiling-Mounted Wine Glass Racks

Wine glass racks, like wine racks, are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Whether you want anything ceiling-mounted, under-cabinet, or countertop, you should be able to discover one that meets your needs and tastes.

How Does A Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Rack Work?

A ceiling-mounted wine glass rack is built particularly to solve the problem of limited kitchen space. Besides the functionality, such a wine glass rack also serves as a room decoration. Its interaction with the lighting often creates a fascinating effect in the room.

What Should You Look for When Buying A Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Rack?

If you’re looking for a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack, you probably experience one or more of these issues: First, you have insufficient shelf space in a tiny home or kitchen. Second, you’d like to exhibit your enthusiasm for stemware in a subtle yet noteworthy way.

Whatever your reason, you must understand how to select the best ceiling-mounted wine glass rack. So, to assist you in making a more informed buying decision, below are a few things to consider when choosing a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack.


Consider how many glasses you’ll need for your collection. A smaller wine glass rack may suffice if you are single or live with just one person. However, if you host a lot of events, you should think about getting a rack that can hold more than 18 glasses.


Wood is the greatest option if you want a versatile aesthetic, but it can absorb liquids like red wine or moisture, reducing the rack’s lifespan. Other materials to consider include metal, acrylic, and plastic.


While racks are becoming ever more complicated, it is crucial to remember that simplicity is often best. Keep an eye on the wine bottle storage position as well. The horizontal resting position promotes proper wine maturation and preservation over time.

Ceiling mounted wine glass rack

Are Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Racks Worth It?

Ceiling-mounted wine glass racks’ simple yet functional design is ideal for today’s smaller homes. These racks are not only functional but also stylish ways to store and show your lovely stemware. So, what are you waiting for? Get one and make your kitchen and house even more spectacular with one of these racks.

Ceiling mounted wine glass rack

FAQ about Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Racks

1. How can I keep stains off my wine glasses?

The quality of the water you use to wash your glasses can sometimes leave unsightly stains on them. Hand-washing your glasses in filtered water is an easy way to avoid this. Rinse thoroughly to eliminate any residual soap that could affect the wine’s flavor, then pat dry with a lint-free washcloth.

2. How much does a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack cost?

There is a wide range of pricing options in between. To minimize the loss of pricey bottles and stemware, it may be worth spending a little more money upfront on a solid hanging rack.

3. How to install a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack?

A ceiling-mounted wine glass rack is easily installed with just a handful of screws. However, you must ensure that the mounting points are strong enough to support the rack (and all of the stemware and bottles on it) and that the rack is stable enough that the items on it do not slide around.

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