Printer Storage Ideas: 12 Clever Ways to Store or Hide Your Printer


Reveals the secret behind the printers’ storage ideas; do you ever wonder why printers are considered evil for the home office? Often, clunky designs can detract from a well-designed room, even becoming an eyesore. We have the solution to find clever ways to hide the printer in your office. The printer can be helpful, but for those who disgust clutter, it may take up too much space to leave it out. How long has it been since you declutter your printers?

Anyway, what idea you’re going to follow depends on the size and style of your printer and the amount. If you’re wondering how and where to store your printer, this article is for you. Look through our guide to understand where to put your printer when you’re not using it.

6 Thoughtful Ideas to Hide The Printer To Save Space

Don’t you wish to improve the elegance of your workplace by hiding a printer to tidy up your valuable desk space? Follow our methods to hide a printer, including strategic placement, desk customization, and simple concealment. Our printer storage ideas will assist you in improving your home office function.


1- Allow Floating Cabinet To Hide Printer Under a Desk

Have you experienced a mess due to the printer in your home office? A floating shelf will sort out all your troubles after hiding a printer after adding a floating shelf underneath your desk. Floating shelves are ideal for concealing items that you do not wish to be seen.


The great thing about them is that they’re modest and easy to install. You can check out some great options for floating shelves; place this shelf wherever you want until found the best-hidden destination.

2- Blend Printer With Your Bookshelf

Are you in shortage of money? Then it’s time to try something new to hide your printers. Let’s hide your clunky printer by blending it into your surroundings. You can place the printer on the shelf with other items to slowly let it fade into the background.


Ideally, your printer will get a secure and comfortable place hidden from your naughty kids and unruly pets, keep the cords neat and organized, and avoid tripping! So, choosing the same color scheme will help you blend the printer into the bookshelf.

3- Use the Drawer To Hide the Printer

If you have never hidden your printer in a drawer before, it’s a great time to install drawers to hide printers. Some desks have large drawers at the bottom, which are ideal for storing a printer.


When retrieving the pages, you can easily access the printer; no one will see the magic place where your printer is.

4-Get Advantage From Wheel Printer Cart

A wheeled printer cart– mobilize your printer when not in use. This is the best way to hide your printer when you’re not using it. As soon as your printer has done the job, you can move it somewhere else or hide it anywhere in your closet or another room.


Who doesn’t want to make it, either way, to make it out of sight and out of mind? These carts are inexpensive and a lost cost way to enhance your office function.

5-Put Your Printer Behind Yourself

After all, The easiest method is the most obvious one. You can place your printer on the hutch behind your primary office desk. Even you’ll not be able to see it as it’ll still close for accessing the documents.


This method will make your printer desk clear and uncluttered. So you don’t need any special customization anymore!

6- Printer Cover

Are you worried to enough have enough space to hide your printer? Make your life easy with a printer cover to conceal the machine. Have you ever imagined just a piece of fabric can hide your printer after dropping over it?


Let’s be creative and grab or make one using your all the time favorite fabric. You can easily hide your printer when not in use within no time. Try the best one to determine how to store the printer for you.

Impressive Ways to Neatly Store the Printer In Your Home

Hiding a printer in your home is an efficient way to store it while interrupting your essential work, but the question is, what’s the best way to make your home look organized and tidy? You’ve to look for many practical ways to hide your printer. But removing the printer from your home will postpone your work if you need to print something that’s not the practical way.

1-Dedicated Space

To have a dedicated place to create a printing station at your home is to make it a clutter-free space with no extra papers lying on the floor to ruin your house’s aesthetic and appealing look.


Getting a desk or printer table is as useful as a chocolate teapot and elaborates a more dedicated and neat place with shelves and cabinets. You’ll make your designated area organized and easy when you need it. Make your printing documents easier by placing all the things in one place neatly and safely.

2-Hide the Printer in Your Closet

Make your closet a solid solution to hide your printer. You don’t always need to open the closet; keep it open whenever you need it to print anything. Nowadays, many printers have WIFI, so they don’t need a USB connection to your computer. So, you can freely put the printer in another room or even the closet.


This printer storage idea will work when you’re not printing heavy volumes. Of course, we know it’s frustrating to have to walk to another part of your house to retrieve a newly printed document.

3-Add a Room Divider or Curtain

Is your printer already in a decent spot, but you desire to hide it in a better place? Don’t forget to add folding room dividers or curtains. If it places on the windowsill, then you can add a curtain rod to the window.


You can add a sheet cover if the printer is underneath a shelf somewhere. It’s an inventive solution that will not break the bank!

4-Hide Printer In a Basket

Try to hide your printer in a basket for a more decorative approach. Is it, not a fun and creative way to utilize the basket for dressing up your home space while hiding the printer?


Place this basket under the bed or in a cabinet. However, it saves your storage space and keeps your cabinet neat by not combining it with other items.

5-Invest In Tasteful Cabinets

You can’t keep your printer on the ground; for this, you have to keep a printer on a small printer stand; but when space is not a problem for you, be creative and go beyond the creativity. Increase your organizing options.


For this, you can get a cabinet for your home to not worry about accommodations thanks to the sturdy and sleek design of your cabinets.

6-Buying An All-In-One Option

Avoid floundering to find a place for your printer, and consider an all-in-one option printer/copier/scanner. If you’re tight on space but want to store your printer neatly at home, a compact and thermal printer is no less than a blessing.


With other features, they often come with faxing capabilities, that’s a handy option. Make sure the printer you’re choosing fits the overall aesthetic of your home, no matter the design and method.

FAQs About Printer Storage Ideas

1-Can I Store My Printer in a Closed Cabinet?

When not in use, you can store your printer in a cabinet. The above solution is ideal if you have a large closet and do not mind running an additional cable. Close the cabinet door after storing the printer in a corner or on a shelf.

2- Can I Put Things on Top of My Printer?

The machine should not be topped with objects. Be sure not to damage or remove the caution labels on the fuser. As shown in the illustration, keep a small gap around the printer.

3- How Can I Keep the Printer Accessible Yet Concealed?

You can keep the printer accessible while concealed by following the different ways; disguise it as decor, create a closet workspace, Consider using a shelf or cabinet, and incorporate it into furniture.

4- What Is the Best Place to Hide My Home Printer?

You may wish to consider concealing the printer under your desk as your first option. In certain desk designs, there is an option for under-desk storage. It is convenient to store the printer on these shelves so that you are able to sit comfortably in front of the computer.

5- Is It Possible to Put a Printer In a Closet?

The closet is a great place to tuck away your wireless printer, regardless of whether you take the door off or leave it on. As an alternative to a shelf, you can store your printer in an over-the-desk hutch while still keeping it readily accessible.

Final Words

If you’re wondering where and how to hide your printer, this article will make sense to you. Make your home and office space as appealing as possible by following our ideas and tips to hide bulky printers. When you’ve multiple accessories, it’s challenging to accommodate—a scanner, printer, and a file folder you must adjust in your home. But if you play smartly, you can keep your printer practical, minimalistic, and sleek.

All the ideas we’ve listed above to store printers are savvy and doable. Make your office a dream working place by choosing VEVOR’s best products. Hurry up! Choose your best printer until it gets out of stock. Choose one that suits your essential needs and implement them correctly. In the end, all we’ve to say is that nothing can beat the neat home aura!

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