A Guide to Buying the Perfect Max Tow Truck Chain for Loading Heavy Objects in 2024


A max tow truck chain is a device used to lift heavy weights, including vehicles, blocks, rocks, and other objects that cannot be moved by a human hand or force. A truck chain has a hook attached to the end of the chain. The hooks and chains are detachable. You can put the hooks on any chain of similar size. They are available in different styles and sizes.

Max tow truck chains are widely used in construction sites and other factories where you have to lift heavy weights. Truck chains are necessary for lifting weights as lifting heavy weights will demand more labor force, whereas only hook chains can lift the weight in no time will less labor force. These truck chains are used in activities like moving objects at mining sites, ports, buildings, etc. Hook chains can lift weights or move objects horizontally or vertically. They are strong, and their durability is for long-term use.

List of Top 5 Max Tow truck Chain

There are different types of truck chains available, but there are top 5 VEVOR Max Tow Truck Chains, and these are as follows:

1. Hook Chain

max tow truck chain


This hook chain, also known as chain bridle, can lift loads with a limit of 9260 lbs. It works very efficiently and can easily lift your load. This hook chain can be used with double legs. You can use it with high-security co-efficient. The adjustability design of this hook chain is built in such a way that it can be detached chains from the hook as it has a detachable shackle. The grab hooks can adjust the length of the leg as it is designed in such a way. With the help of the grab hooks, you can safely hook and secure any slack in your chain after adjustment.


Each of the legs in the hook chain contains 23.6 x 0.3 in Grade 80 chains. It has a heavy-duty 8 inches long shank j hook. These hook chains are very durable and strong. They can easily lift heavy weights. They are widely used in our daily life, can be used in lifting various weights, and can help move activities in construction sites or factories.

2. Chain Sling

Chain sling

A chain sling is also used to lift heavy weights. It is helpful in construction sites, mining sites, ports, buildings, and factories. It is designed for cargo security towing. Its chain is made of G80 Mn steel. It can work in high temperatures and has great resistance to wear.

Material Used:

The steel construction of this hook chain is durable. It is very efficient and strong.

Length and Diameter:

Its length is 5′, and its chain diameter is 5/6″. The loading capacity of this hook chain is 11,000 lbs. Its breaking strength is 800mpa and more.

You can easily use this hook chain with a high-security coefficient. These are heavy-duty chains.

Powder coating:

There is powder coating on the hoist link and the hook with alloy steel. It is designed for long-term use as it is very efficient and is strong in lifting weights. One important thing to keep in mind while using the chain sling is that the object should be hung in the middle of the hook and not at the edge of the hook.

3. Tow Chain

Tow chain

Material Used:

The tow chain is one of the best truck chains as it is designed for long-term use, and it is prevented corrosion, rust, and deformation because the chain is plated with zinc by using the superior electroplating process. It is a very strong chain and can easily be used for lifting weights.


It is durable and easy to tension. This chain is designed for cargo security binding, transportation, towing, and other construction sites.


It can lift a load of 4700 lbs and is safe to use for loading the weight. It is safer than the lower-grade chains. It has higher strength than many other hook chains. The chain is made with advanced welding techniques, so it cannot be easily broken using it. It has high-performance grab hooks on each end for the firm buckle.


The overall length of this chain is 21ft (6.3m). The tow chain has enough bearing force, so it can be easy to use anytime.

4. Bridle Chain

Bridle chain

The V hook chain is widely used in our daily life and is used by construction sites for lifting or carrying loads. They are used in moving activities in factories, mining, ports, buildings, etc.


They are perfect and easy to use, as their loading capacity is 9260 lbs. It works efficiently and can easily lift loads. It can be used with double legs at ease with a high-security coefficient.


It has a heavy-duty 15 inches long shank j hook. Each leg of this hook chain contains 35.4 x 0.3 in Grade 80.

It has grab hooks, making it easy to safely hook and secure any slack in your chain after adjustments. It is designed in such a way that you can easily adjust the length of the leg.


It has extra strength and long service life because of factory-welded coupling. It has certified 0.3-inch Grade 80 chain legs. It is one of the strong hook chains and is durable.

5. Hook Chain

Just like other hook chains, it is also used in our daily life and is widely used by factories and construction sites. They are used in various lifting and moving activities in mining sites, ports, buildings, etc.

Strong and Durable:

They are very strong and durable. It has a certified 0.4-inch Grade 80 chain leg. Its loading capacity is 11023 lbs. It can be easily used for lifting loads with high-security coefficients.


It has a heavy-duty 15 inches long shank j hook. Each leg has 23.6 x 0.4 in Grade 80 chains. They can be used long-term as they have factory-welded coupling links.

Different types of max tow truck chain

There are different types of max tow truck chains, which are as follows:

● Eye hooks

● Clevis hooks

● Swivel hooks

● Hooks with latches

● Sorting hooks

● Foundry hooks

● J-hooks

● Grab hooks

● Barrel hooks.

How does the max tow Truck chain work?

VEVOR Truck Chains are built to lift loads up to a certain weight limit. It can lift weight horizontally and vertically as well. One end of the hook is attached to the object or vehicle that is desired to be moved or lifted. The other end is attached to the vehicle, which makes the object move or lifts. They are strong and can easily lift objects without any damage.

Extra D-ring shackle

What Should You Look for When buying a Truck chain?

These are different types of truck chains. After being introduced to many types of truck chains, you must be confused about which type of hook chain will be best. VEVOR max tow Truck Chains are made for a specific size of the hook, and they cannot be adjusted for every type and size of the load. When you go to buy the truck chain, buy the one which is the right size for your hook. While buying the hook chains, keep in mind your requirements, like what kind of weight you want to lift. Look for the capacity of the truck chain that how much it can load.

To remove this confusion by selecting the best truck chain, you need to clarify your mind. For example, you have to consider the load you want to lift and then look for which hook chain will be able to lift the load.

Equipment you want to lift:

The other thing you should focus on is the material you want to lift. You need to know which type of sling is going to be used.

Sling Hitch:

Be sure about the type of sling hitch that is being used. One of the most important things is to make clear if you are going to use shackles or if the load has engineered lifting points. Look at the number of lifting points and the overall distance between the lifting points. You need to make sure of these things before buying the hook chain. You will be able to understand what kind of hook chain will be perfect according to your need.

Is Max Tow Truck Chain Worth It?

Truck chains are used to lift heavy weights and move heavy objects, which cannot be possible with bare hands or a minimum labor force. Having a truck chain in a factory or any construction site is helpful as it reduces the work and saves time. It is surely worth having a truck chain.

Heavy duty G80 chain

FAQ about Max Tow Truck Chain

Q: Is the Truck chain durable?

A: Yes, Truck chains are strong and durable.

Q: Do chains get rusty over time?

A: No, they are plated with good material. It does not get rusty over time.

Q: Are they strong enough to move a car?

A: Yes, each truck chain is built in such a way that it can lift weight up to a certain limit.

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