How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine? Step-by-Step Guide


It’s no secret that many people love cotton candies. A well-known carnival confection; you can see it on banquet tables, amusement parks and concession stands. You’ll love this machine if you’re looking for a fun way to treat your family, friends and neighbors.

Making cotton candy is simple, but how to use a cotton candy machine?  In this guide, you’ll learn how to make cotton candy with a machine and enjoy a lifetime of cotton candies by making it at home as a delicious treat for any occasion. What is the process of making cotton candy? Let’s go through the steps and follow the real cotton candy maker instructions.

Preparation Before Using A Cotton Candy Machine

Before using the cotton candy machine, preparation is required. For this, you need to follow different steps to install the machine:

m5 screws for cotton candy machine

1. You need M5 × 12 and 35 round screws to install the bracket. The steps of installation will be the same on both sides.

install the wheels of your cotton candy machine using the bolts

2. With two M8-bolts, install the wheels.

install cotton candy machine push handles

3. Install the push handle on the right side with 8 pieces M5×12 and 8 pcs washers; however, the table will be installed on the left side of the main body.

install the stainless steel pan

4. On top of the box, install the stainless steel pan by using 4 locking clips to fix it on both sides.

cotton candy machine is now ready for use

5. Now, your cotton candy machine is ready to make delicious cotton candy.

Making the Cotton Candy Sugar Mix

making the cotton candy sugar mix

1. Fill the floss with 90% sugar but remember not to overfill the tank; don’t add sugar while the motor is running.

2. Ensure the room is not scorching while using the cotton candy machine and making sugar candy, and the cotton candy does not give a light and airy appearance.

3. Mix a small amount of sugar into a bowl to make cotton candy with flavor powers. Whisk until and unless all the ingredients get combined. After this, place this sugar flavor into the middle of the machine.

How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine: Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the following 8 steps if you want to make a sweet treat and learn how to use a cotton candy machine.  The floss can be used with pre-mixed floss or a paste from basic table sugar and floss concentrate.

how to use a cotton candy machine

Step 1- To use the cotton candy machine, turn on the power button and examine whether it runs normally after letting it run for one or two minutes. If you feel the machine is shaking, adjust your cotton candy machines to keep it stable so the heads can run properly.

Step 2- Wait for the machine to warm up after turning its setting to the highest for five minutes.

Step 3- Put the cotton candy mixture into the cotton candy machine known as the spinning or floss head. But don’t touch the floss while it’s running.

collect candy floss with a reusable bamboo stick

Step 4- Candy floss will start to form after 30 seconds. Use the reusable cone or bamboo stick to collect candyfloss, turning it inside. Also, clean the stick before gathering the candyfloss. Heat will be reduced as the floss will come out of the spinning head.

Step 5- Once the cotton candy gathers, twist a cone from the machine. To keep the cotton candy stuck to the cone, dab a little warm water on it.

Step 6- Just run the cotton candy machine and let it burn itself out to eliminate the remaining cotton candy.

Step 7- Unplug and turn off the machine once, making a batch of cotton candy to clean it. Use a damp cloth to clean your cotton candy machine, but don’t use detergent. Dry your machine completely before plugging it back.

If you want to make more cotton candies, then repeat the process.

Tips for Creating Perfect Cotton Candy

Tip 1#

Spin it outside. If you make it inside, you must set a smoke detector multiple times because you’ll see the fluffy pieces floating inside and set your alarm off. Humid weather makes it unsuccessful to use cotton candy machines because of the weather. You need a dry place if you need a big fluffy candy, as moisture is not a good friend of candy. So find a garage and enjoy delicious cotton candy on a rainy day.

Tip 2#

If you want to make large batches of cotton candy, then store them in plastic bags so you can utilize them for several days, but don’t use a ton in each. As the air gets knocked out of them, the pouf gets smaller the more they get banged around.

Tip 3#

To make your cotton candy using the machine is more tempting; use a flavor. As every flavor tastes beyond your imagination. You can use multiple flavors at a time by spinning a pouf of blueberries and holding it, then add a scoop of strawberry to the cotton candy machine and spin that over top of the vanilla cherry combination. You can choose as many flavors as you want, as layering gives them a great taste rather than mixing a sugar floss. But remember not to use the different flavors when the sugary floss is mixed.

Tip 4#

Ensure that guests hold onto their paper cones if they’re coming back for seconds when you’re spinning cotton candy. So you don’t have to buy 100 cones for 25 people.

Tip 5#

With adhesive felt circles on the bottom of a bubble hood, you can make it fit snugly over cotton candy machines, reduce noise during use, and prevent it from banging against them.

Cotton Candy Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

● The cotton candy spinning head can be blocked if you do not use the cotton candy machine after making the cotton candy. Pour a small amount of water to keep the machine running during cleaning. So, the rotor will shake off the water slowly. After this, turn off the machine and use a dry cloth to clean it.

● If you observe a blocked spinning head, then power off the machine and open the spinning head to clean the burnt sugar.

● Don’t use washing powder to clean your cotton candy machine.

● Don’t use water directly to rinse the machine.

Create Your Own Sugary Sweets With VEVOR Cotton Candy Machine

The VEVOR 1000W cotton candy machine rapidly produces cotton candy, which only requires 5- minutes to preheat. Its 3000/RPM rotating speed spinning head can store 15g sugar at once and produce 360 cotton candies per hour to satisfy your output demands.

By adjusting the voltage precisely, you can easily control the temperature. It’ll definitely be needed if you require different sugar flavors. A carbon steel body with a 19.7-inch metal bowl protects this cotton candy machine from corrosion. Its high-quality material withstands it in extremely stormy weather and can even handle the most demanding tasks. A locking clip design allows easy disassembling of the washing bowl without noise or vibrations and provides stability during work.

You can use traditional flossing sugar, fruit cubes and milk in this cotton candy machine to make delicious cotton candy by adding your favorite flavor. You can use a cotton candy machine as a countertop due to its compact size, allowing you to enjoy cotton candies at sports events, carnivals, and festivals.

FAQs About How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine

Q: How long does it take to heat up a cotton candy machine?

The Cotton Candy Machine needs to be plugged in and warmed up. It should take no more than six minutes. Before putting anything into the machine, ensure it has finished warming up.

Q: How much cotton candy sugar do you put in a cotton candy machine?

Making about 4 or 5 cotton candy bags takes one scoop of sugar. One little scoop makes a lot of volume!

Q: How does a cotton candy machine work?

The sugar is melted, liquefied, and then spun centrifugally through tiny holes, quickly re-solidified. Getting an ideal portion of candy floss is as easy as catching it fast enough and connecting it to the next thread.

Q: Why is my sugar not melting in my cotton candy machine?

You might not have warmed up your cotton candy machine enough. You can fix it by letting it heat up properly before making anything. Before turning on the heat switch, ensure the machine is on and connected.

Have Fun!

Read the VEVOR cotton candy machine manual instructions carefully for installing and adjusting the temperature before using your VEVOR cotton candy machine. These are budget-friendly and easy to use to make any amateur feel like a professional. Upon mastering and understanding how to use a cotton candy machine, start playing with different color combinations and shapes. Bring joy to your party after spinning some hard candy cones. To prolong your cotton candy machine’s life, clean and maintain it regularly.

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