How Long Does Beer Last in a Kegerator? Tips for Fresh Beer Always


Kegerator is a combination of two words: Keg and refrigerator. A kegerator is a keg refrigerator and dispenser that keeps your beer cold, fresh, and convenient to draw. The beer kegerators come in different sizes and shapes to preserve beer’s freshness for a long time and to minimize waste.

In this article, we shall learn different aspects of a kegerator and how long does kegerator beer last. Keep reading.

How Long Is Beer Good in a Kegerator?

The answer to this question varies depending on factors such as the beer style, proper temperature, and the type of pump. Also, the type of beer determines its longevity in the kegerator. For instance, pasteurized beers will remain fresh for about 90- 120 days, while non-pasteurized beers remain fresh for about 45- 60 days.

The recommended temperature of a kegerator should be about 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the beer starts to grow bacteria and spoils quickly. Low temperatures will freeze the beer. Ensure you are storing your beer at the proper temperature to avoid losses.

Understanding The Factors Affecting Beer Freshness

How long is beer good in a kegerator? Three major factors affect the shelf life of beer in a kegerator. Understanding these factors helps you store your keg properly to keep it fresh and flavorful. They are:

1. Temperature

The temperature highly determines how long beer can stay fresh. What are the recommended temperatures to store your keg? The answer to this question is temperature between 2 to 4 degrees Celsius (36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperature accelerates the aging of the alcohol, leading to reduced shelf life and loss of flavor. Ensure your keg stays fresh by maintaining the recommended temperature of the keg refrigerator.

2. Oxygen Exposure

Exposing your keg of beer to oxygen causes oxidation, which causes staleness of flavor and shortens the shelf life. Seal the keg of beer completely to cut off the oxygen supply in the beer. Also, ensure the keg is pressurized, and there are no leaks.

3. Carbon Dioxide Levels

The carbon dioxide level plays a crucial role in preserving the beer’s shelf life and flavor. The ideal level of carbon dioxide depends on the beer style. Check the carbonation guidelines provided by the brewery. Over-carbonating causes excessive foaming, reduces the shelf life of the beer, and alters flavors.

4. Light Exposure

Another factor that determines how long beer can stay fresh is light exposure. Exposure to UV rays causes beer to develop an unpleasant flavor caused by the light and hops reaction. Store the keg of beer in a dark area to prevent this.

5. The Beer Styles

There are different beer styles, each with a varying shelf life. Lighter and low-alcohol content beers have a shorter shelf life than deep-colored, stronger, and robust beers. The alcohol content and hop in stronger beers act as preservatives. Consider the type of beer and its characteristics to help you determine the shelf life.

Signs That Beer in Your Kegerator Has Gone Bad

Beer can remain fresh for weeks to months in a keg refrigerator. As discussed above, several factors can affect how long beer stays fresh. Preserving the beer under favorable conditions and consuming it within the recommended period is best. Here are signs that your beer has gone bad in the kegerator.

signs your beer kegerator has gone bad

1. Change in Taste and Aroma

The taste and the smell of beer will change if exposed to UV rays or oxygen or if it is expired. Stale beer will smell skunked, depending on the cause of degradation. Sometimes, if the beer is expired, it will taste like apple or mowed grass, indicating the presence of acetaldehyde in the beer. The skunky smell is due to the growth of bacteria in the beer due to exposure to high temperatures. Check the expiration date before consuming the beer.

2. Cloudiness or Sediment

A dusty or cloudy appearance of your beer indicates it is spoilt. The cloudy appearance means the yeast formation breaking down the beer. The beer can also change color to golden brown. However, the cloudiness sometimes means the beer has gone bad, but it will likely have a flat taste.

3. Altered Carbonation Levels

The lack of white foam when pouring beer indicates that the beer has gone bad or stale. The lack of carbonation means expired beer, over-chilling, exposure to high temperature, or oxidation.

The Best Kegerators that Will Keep Your Beer Fresh for Long

1. VEVOR Kegerator Beer Dispenser

The VEVOR beer dispenser fridge has a large inner capacity of 43 gallons. It is capable of holding different sizes of kegs. It has a thermostat for controlling the temperature range of 23℉ to 83℉. It is the kegerator of choice for all the beer enthusiasts.

vevor kegerator beer dispenser


  • Large Capacity– This keg refrigerator has a large inner space measuring 21.26″x 20.28 “x 28.35” and can hold kegs of different sizes. It is an ideal party pump for outdoor parties.
  • Temperature Controls– The kegerator has a digital temperature control panel that allows you to adjust temperatures in the range of 23-83℉ conveniently. Additionally, it adopts quick cooling technology, which improves the cooling speed, thus saving you time. It features a thick foam layer to maintain a cool temperature.
  • Wide Range of Accessories– This beer kegerator comes with a wide range of accessories, reducing the costs of purchasing extra accessories. It comes with a user’s guide on how to use the accessories.
  • Additional Features– The VEVOR kegerator features four omnidirectional casters and two lockable front casters to allow easy portability and stability of the keg refrigerator. Additionally, it features a detachable non-slip drip tray and chrome rail.
  • Versatile– The kegerator can be used at home, parties, barbeque shops, and bars.

2. VEVOR Kegerators Beer Dispenser, 43 Gallons

The VEVOR Kegerator 43 Gallons is a large-capacity beer dispenser accommodating all barrel sizes. It has a wide range of accessories to give you a great beer-drinking experience. Thanks to its in-built wheels, you can enjoy beer indoors and outdoors, which makes mobility possible.

43-gallon vevor beer kegerator


  • Large Capacity– This keg fridge with a tap has a large inner space measuring 21.26″x 20.28″x 28.35″ and can accommodate all-size beer barrels. It is suitable for outdoor parties and bars.
  • Temperature Control– It features a digital temperature control that enables you to adjust and monitor the temperature ranging from 23-83℉ easily. It utilizes quick cooling technology to keep the beer fresh. If you press the fan button, you switch the kegerator to fan-forced mode, significantly improving cooling speed and saving you time. It has a thick foam to maintain stability and temperature.
  • All Accessories– The kegerator comes with a wide range of accessories to reduce the costs of buying additional accessories. It comes with a manual to guide you in installing the accessories. The beer tower is made with food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Efficient Details– The keg refrigerator features four omnidirectional casters, making it easy to transport. Also, it has two lockable front casters, which keeps the dispenser stable. Additionally, the beer kegerator features a non-slip drip tray with an easy-to-install chrome rail to offer you the best beer-drinking experience.
  • A Wide Range of Applications– With its large capacity, the kegerator is suitable for home parties, outdoor parties, bars, and barbeque shops.

3. VEVOR Kegerators Beer Dispenser Double Taps

It has a large inner capacity of 43 gallons and can accommodate barrels of all sizes. It has a temperature range of 23℉ to 83℉. It has considerate details and comes with various accessories which are easy to install.

double tap vevor beer kegerator


  • Large Capacity– This double keg fridge features an inner capacity of 42.8 gallons and dimensions of 21.26″x 20.28 “x 28.35”. It can fit barrels of all sizes. It is great for all types of occasions, including outdoor parties. Also, it has a detachable wire shelf to meet all your drinking needs.
  • Temperature Control– The keg refrigerator features a digital temperature control panel that allows you to adjust and monitor the temperature easily. You can adjust the temperature in the range of 23-83℉. Additionally, it features a quick cooling technology to keep your draft beer consistently cold. The party pump features a fan button to switch the kegerator into a fan-forced cooling mode to improve the cooling speed and save time. It has a thick layer of foam to maintain temperature stability.
  • A wide range of Accessories- This full barrel kegerator comes with complete accessories, so you don’t need to incur extra costs buying accessories. It comes with a user’s manual to help you attach the accessories properly.
  • Convenient Details– This keg fridge with a tap has four omnidirectional casters for easy transport and two lockable front casters for the stability of the dispenser. Also, it features a removable non-slip tray and an easy-to-install chrome rail for a pleasant beer-drinking experience. It is equipped with a 304 stainless steel beer tower and is compatible with all VEVOR beer towers.
  • Versatile– You can use the beer kegerator at bars, outdoor parties, and barbeque shops.

FAQs about Kegerator Beer

1. How long does a kegerator last?

There is no definite answer to this question. However, the kegerator should last for years with good maintenance, regular cleaning, and proper handling. If your question, “How long does a kegerator last?” means the keg in the kegerator’s maximum duration is between two to six months, depending on the type of beer and other factors.

2. How long does beer last in a kegerator?

Pasteurized beer will remain fresh for between 3 and 6 months, while non-pasteurized beer will remain fresh for two months.

3. How long does kegerator beer last?

Depending on the beer style, kegerator beer can remain fresh for 2-6 months. Also, the temperature, exposure to oxygen, and carbonation can influence beer’s longevity in the kegerator.


How long does beer last in a kegerator? The answer to this question is that your beer’s freshness and shelf life depend on crucial factors such as temperature, carbon levels, exposure to oxygen, and the type of beer. The temperature is the major factor determining how long beer is good in a kegerator.

The recommended temperature will keep your beer fresh for days, ranging from 45-60 days for lighter beers and 90-120 days for stronger beers. Consider the expiration date if you intend to keep the beer in the kegerator for long. Choose a beer with the farthest date.

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