The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Chinese Diesel Heater


Are you looking for something that heats your vehicles this winter? It doesn’t matter if you have a van or an RV; a Chinese diesel heater can be a warming solution. Why should you choose it? The information below will help you find out all about it.

Reasons We Should Choose a Chinese Diesel Heater

Following are some reasons why we should choose a Chinese diesel heater.

1- Cost-Effective and Ease of Usage

The Chinese diesel heater is a fantastic choice if you need your inner space heated utilizing minimum fuel resources and little battery power. There is no easy way to keep your vehicle warm regularly without worrying about consuming extra battery power or getting out of fuel.

The finest feature about them is that you can also leave them on for as long as you want, even for months, without needing them to be turned off. These heaters can be bought at an excellent and cost-effective price. They will last for years after installation, making them a perfect solution for any van lifer, especially for the winter season. If you are worried about the technicalities and need things done the easiest way possible, then a portable diesel heater is your best call.

2- Easy Access to Replacement Parts

If we compare a Chinese diesel heater with any other brand in terms of replacement parts and their accessibility, then the former can easily be found on Amazon. It will require a day, or a maximum of 2, to deliver the components within the country using Prime shipping.

For the latter, users need to wait a long time to access the parts, as it is hard to find a dealer. Most of the time, the heater components are out of stock; even if they are in stock, it takes a lot of time in the shipping process.

3- Online Availability of Information

There is no official website or user manual from the manufacturers of Chinese diesel heaters, so in case you are stuck with some queries to be asked around, there is a massive community on social media that can help you with all your questions. There is a Facebook group, Chinese Diesel Vehicle Air Heaters, with an enormous community of 57,000 members.

You can ask about anything related to your portable diesel heater or check out the Document section, where you will find a lot of information. Apart from that, numerous YouTube tutorials are available to give you a better idea about these heaters.

VEVOR Diesel Air Heater, 8KW 12V All-in-One Bunk Heater, Features, Pros, and Reasons to Buy

VEVOR Diesel Air Heater is the perfect solution that one can rely on to heat your car, van, and other inner spaces. Its quick warming process will help you adjust better in harsh environments. This portable diesel heater comes with an LCD & remote control through which you can adjust the car’s temperature according to your needs. Its pre-heating feature lets you remove the frost from the car’s window and will reduce the temperature before you ride it and enjoy a comfy setting.

chinese diesel heater

Most of its internal components, such as the heater, fuel tank, and fuel pump of the diesel parking heater, are already installed, so there is no need to be worried about setting it up on your own. This air heater trailer is not only used to lower the temperature of the cars but can also be used for indoor usages, such as at home warehouses. Its reduced noise is a great feature that one can’t overlook and is controlled through an oil pump, blower speed control, and silent fan.

Features of VEVOR Diesel Air Heater

  • Model Name    WF5001
  • Fuel Gasoline    Diesel
  • Switch    LCD
  • Car Air Conditioning Type   Heating
  • Heater Power   8KW
  • Heater Working Temperature   -40℃~+50℃
  • Product Weight   Approx.  17.9 lbs/8.15 kg
  • Rated Voltage   12V
  • Tank Capacity   5L/1.3 gal
  • Fuel Consumption(L/H)   0.18 – 0.48
  • Oil Pump Working Temperature   -40℃~+40℃

chinese diesel heater

Pros of VEVOR Diesel Air Heater

  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Little tweaks are needed, and the rest is all set up.
  • Budget-friendly as compared to the rest of the heaters available in the market.
  • Easy installation, long-lasting, and heats up real quick.
  • Its remote control helps users adjust the car’s temperature the way they want.

Benefits to Buy VEVOR Diesel Air Heater

VEVOR air heater trailer runs on environment-friendly fuel. Usually, gasoline heaters produce carbon when running at higher elevations. On the other hand, diesel heaters like VEVOR air heaters work with a reduced tendency to generate carbon because they combust cleaner naturally.

It speedily warms up your inner space regardless of how cold it is. Its high energy-saving feature utilizes low fuel consumption of 0.18-0.48. ECU measures its fuel pump’s injection frequency and air intake to increase the service life, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

chinese diesel heater

If your primary priority is to go for something that is easy to use and saves your time and energy in terms of installation, this air heater trailer is good to go, as it comes with a complete mounting package, such as necessary parts, pipes, and other equipment. It is easy to use and can be installed in various locations on your vehicle.

What to Look for When Buying a Chinese Diesel Heater?

When it comes to buying a Chinese diesel heater, there are several things to remember before you are about to make a purchase. Factors such as price, noise, heat output, and being eco-friendly are some of the most important things that one needs to look for first.

Before you are about to buy a heater, it is significant to keep in mind these below features.


The prices of diesel heaters vary from brand to brand as some companies manufacture expensive components compared to the rest. You would like to make a cheap purchase, but remember that this will cost you later as a cheap diesel heater will not last long and act up on and off, so it is best to go for the right price as it will work a long way.


Some diesel heaters can be noisier than others. Most of the time, they make the most noise on their maximum startups, settings, and shutdown cycles. The startup can be controlled by keeping the thermostat at an average temperature, but installing the right size heater is key. Some brands have this feature where you can reduce the racket they make.

Heat Output

It is essential to buy a right-sized heater as it will depend on the heat’s output. It doesn’t matter what kind of space you need it for; it is best to choose the right size. If the heater’s size is too small, it will not benefit you and will use more electricity and fuel; if it is too big, you will feel like wasting your money on it, so it is recommended to keep in mind your needs.


Remember to check out the fuel consumption numbers on the diesel heater models you are interested in buying. Keep in mind that if the numbers are lower, that’s a good sign, as the unit will be more productive and highly efficient. It would also be eco-friendly as well because they generate less carbon.

VEVOR Chinese Diesel Heater Worth the Price?

VEVOR is a leading brand that has served its customers for a long time by providing the best tools and equipment. If you are looking for incredible cost-friendly deals, VEVOR is your best shot, as they offer the best quality tools at an affordable price. VEVOR’s aim is to provide its users with the best experience when it comes to buying tools and equipment for technical usage. It offers services in more than 200 countries and regions and has 10 million happy customers.

chinese diesel heater

Advantages of Buying from VEVOR

There are a lot of advantages to buying VEVOR Chinese Diesel Heater, and I like to share some advantages here. It will help to make the decision to buy VEVOR Chinese Diesel Heater.

High-Quality Equipment

VEVOR has highly professional and technical teams that know what the customers are looking for, so by keeping that in mind, they choose the best material to manufacture your tools and equipment that last long.

Easy Shipping Policy

VEVOR fast and secure delivery system has excellent logistics service providers and agents from numerous countries all over the world that helps them to deliver items within a few days using multiple transportation modes.


VEVOR aims to provide you with your desired tools and equipment at an affordable price. They are promoting their slogan: “tough equipment and tools, pay less.” They will never compromise on the quality of their products, so you will always get the best of the best from them.

Secure Modes of Payment

VEVOR has multiple modes of payment for the sake of its customer’s convenience. Whether you are using Visa Card, Paypal, or Credit Card, or choose some other mode of payment, everything will be done with 100% safety. You don’t have to worry about any breach of privacy because everything is done safely.

Best Chinese Diesel Heater: Final Words

Still, a diesel heater may be worth the investment, If you want to feel warm and cozy on your coming trip. The utmost are reliable and can circulate out the abundance of heat to make your camping trip comfortable in indeed the most winter environments.

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