Top 5 Retractable Extension Cord Reviews for Easy Power Solutions


The retractable extension cord reel has a set of rotating wheels residing in a storage compartment, accommodating the full length of the cord. When you extend the cord and release it, automatic ratchets engage, securely locking it in place to prevent any unwanted retraction.

Often, we encounter the challenge of locating a convenient wall outlet near our devices, particularly with portable items like vacuum cleaners, power tools, laptops, and portable coolers that necessitate usage throughout our homes or offices.

In such situations, a dependable extension cord emerges as the optimal solution, effortlessly supplying power to these devices. Even more advantageous is the inclusion of retractable functionality, allowing the cord to be neatly coiled when not in use. With these retractable extension cords, cable management becomes a breeze, regardless of their length. Discover the intriguing features of these retractable extension cords that can simplify your power solutions.

Why Do You Need an Extension Cord Reel?

An extension cord reel is an essential tool that offers several benefits for cord management, protection, and safety. Whether you’re a homeowner, a professional, or involved in various activities, having a wall mount extension cord reel can greatly improve your electrical setup. Here are the reasons why you need one:

Easy and Convenient Cord Management:

One of the primary advantages of an extension cord reel retractable is its ability to simplify cord management. Tangled cords can be frustrating and time-consuming to unravel, but with a cord reel, you can neatly wrap and store the cord when not in use.

Protection and Organization of the Cord

Extension cords are prone to damage when left unprotected or improperly stored. A cord reel provides a safe and secure housing for the cord, shielding it from wear and tear, accidental damage, and exposure to environmental elements. By keeping the cord neatly wound on the reel, you can prevent kinks, fraying, and tangling that can lead to potential hazards or reduced cord lifespan.

Safety Benefits of Using an Extension Cord Reel

Using an extension cord reel offers significant safety advantages. It helps eliminate clutter and reduces the risk of accidental trips and falls caused by loose cords. By neatly storing the cord on the reel, you minimize the chances of people getting entangled in or tripping over the cord, especially in busy or high-traffic areas.

5 Best Retractable Extension Cord Reviews

With a keen focus on versatility, this lineup offers an extensive range of choices in terms of cord lengths, thereby empowering users to select the perfect size that precisely matches their requirements. Whether you’re in search of a compact cord reel suitable for limited spaces or a long-reaching one ideal for expansive areas, this collection has got you covered. By providing such diverse options, it ensures an exceptional power supply solution tailored to your specific needs.

01: VEVOR Retractable Extension Cord Reel

vevor-extension cord reel

Introducing the VEVOR Retractable Extension Cord Reel, a heavy-duty solution that will revolutionize your power needs. This exceptional cord reel is equipped with a 65-foot extension cord, allowing you to reach further than ever before. The 12AWG/3C SJTOW cord is incredibly durable, and resistant to water, oil, acid, alkalies, and ozone. It remains flexible even in extreme temperatures ranging from -58℉ to 221℉ (-50℃ to 105℃). With a high-quality PP case and a 4.5-foot lead-in cord, this reel is rated for 15A/125V/1875W, providing reliable power for your tools and devices.

One of the standout features of this retractable extension cord reel is its automatic retractable system. Say goodbye to kinks and tangles as the cord retracts smoothly and effortlessly. The ratchet mechanism allows you to lock the cord at any desired length, giving you full control. To enhance elasticity, the inner coil spring has been increased by 1 turn. Additionally, an advanced adjustable cord stopper ensures that the triple outlet is always within your reach. Whether you need to extend or retract, the choice is entirely yours.

Installation is hassle-free with the VEVOR retractable cord reel. You can easily mount it on walls or ceilings using a separate bracket, saving valuable space and facilitating convenient storage without clutter. The 180-degree swivel mounting bracket adds versatility, allowing you to pull and release the power cord from any direction effortlessly.


● This cord reel comes with a durable 12AWG/3C SJTOW cord that resists water, oil, acid, alkalies, and ozone.

● The cord reel features an automatic retractable system that smoothly and tangle-free retracts the cord.

The reel includes a high-quality PP case, a 65 ft extension cord, and a 4.5 ft lead-in cord, with a rating of 15A / 125V / 1875W.


● The cord reel has an automatic retractable system that smoothly retracts the cord without kinks or tangles.

● Installing the cord reel is hassle-free, thanks to the separate bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. This design saves space and helps keep the area organized and clutter-free.

● The cord reel is equipped with a 180-degree swivel mounting bracket, allowing easy pulling and releasing of the power cord from any direction. This feature enhances flexibility and ease of use.

● The cord reel features a lighted triple output, enabling multiple tool operations in dark or dim conditions while maintaining workspace visibility.

● The cord reel is suitable for various scenarios, making it versatile and practical. It can be used in garages, shops, construction sites, courtyards, and homes. It is compatible with power tools like circular saws, drills, work lights, and more, meeting power needs in DIY, commercial, and industrial settings.


● Knowing that there are no cons associated with the VEVOR Retractable Extension Cord Reel, you can confidently rely on its performance and enjoy uninterrupted power whenever you need it.

02: DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel


The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel is an incredibly affordable option that excels in basic domestic applications. In the runner-up position, this extension cord reel stands out as a budget-friendly choice, offering an array of exciting features.

The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel boasts a 25-foot long power cord, which can be effortlessly retracted using the hand-wind retractable reel. With a sturdy 16 AWG gauge rating, the cord is designed to withstand wear and tear while providing excellent weather resistance.

A notable feature of this reel is the triangular rotatable grip, which ensures a firm hold while retracting the cable, allowing for an easier and more effortless experience. The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel features four outputs, enabling you to power up to four devices simultaneously. With a power supply rating of 13 amps, 12 volts, and 1625 watts, this cord reel provides ample power for your needs. Furthermore, the outlets are equipped with three prongs to ensure proper earthing during cord usage.


● Equipped with four built-in grounded outlets, this heavy-duty electrical cord reel power station enables you to power multiple tools simultaneously.

● A mere featherweight at an astonishing 3.2 lbs


● Innovatively designed triangular grip for effortless maneuverability

● A mere featherweight at an astonishing 3.2 lbs

Weighing just 3.12 lbs, this extension cord wheel is lightweight and easy to carry.

● Ample cable length that satisfies even the most demanding needs


● While it excels in numerous aspects, it may not be the optimal choice for robust machinery

03: CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord Reel


CopperPeak Tools is renowned for its unique design and impressive features, CopperPeak Tools products consistently make their mark in the market. Boasting a length of 50 feet, this extension cord offers a host of desirable features that are sure to catch your attention. Firstly, it features a 14-gauge cord, ideal for handling heavier applications compared to standard 16-gauge cords. Additionally, it provides three power outlets to accommodate multiple devices.

The CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord is designed for convenience and portability. It can be effortlessly mounted on the ceiling or wall, granting easy access whenever needed. This enables you to effectively establish a permanent wall outlet in close proximity to your electrical appliance using the CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord. Moreover, the extension cord reel can rotate up to 180 degrees even after mounting, ensuring seamless connectivity from all directions.


● Fast Cleanup & Increased Safety

● 180 Degree Swivel

● Compact and Easy to Carry

● 3 Grounded Outlets

● Reliable & Dependable


● The pull-down electrical reel can be quickly mounted on walls, ceilings, or workstations, providing easy access for any task.

● The retractable extension cords offer easy and convenient storage and cleanup of power needs in various settings such as shops, garages, construction sites, or homes.

These extension cords are heavy-duty and durable, capable of withstanding tough jobs and daily use.

● The extension cords feature three-pronged grounded outlets, allowing for the operation of multiple tools without cluttering the workspace or tangling cords. An additional safety feature is the Overload breaker switch.


● To ensure proper utilization of the extension cord, mounting is essential.

04: ReelWorks Retractable Extension Cord Reel


ReelWorks offers several noteworthy alternatives for retractable extension cords that are certainly worth considering.

The ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel stands out as our next top pick for the best retractable extension cord. With a generous length of 65 feet, this extension cord is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, thanks to its 12 AWG gauge rating. This commercial-grade cable features triple tap connectors and supports connections of up to 15 amps, providing a power supply of 1875 watts.

Similar to our previous selection, this unit can be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling, providing a permanent connection point for bulky appliances that cannot be relocated. Additionally, it boasts an adjustable cable stopper, allowing you to customize the cord length required for your specific application without the need to unwind the entire length. Moreover, it includes two non-slip rollers to prevent cord abrasion even after years of repeated use.


● The cord is a 12AWG x 65′ foot 3C/SJT cord with a Triple Tap (S3) connector.

● The 3-core wire grounded cable is rated at 15A 125VAC 1875W 60Hz.

● It is cETLus listed, approved, and certified, ensuring quality and safety.

● Premium commercial SJT cables are resistant to acids, alkalies, ozone, and kinking.

● They are operable and flexible even in extreme temperatures ranging from -58°F to 221°F (-50°C to 105°C).


● The extension cord reel is built with a hard-impact polypropylene enclosed spring-driven case, ensuring durability and longevity.

● The cord is designed for heavy-duty applications and can handle a power supply of up to 15 amps.

● The device can be conveniently mounted on either a ceiling or a wall.


● Not recommended for residential use.

05: CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord Reel


Whether you’re working outside or tackling projects in your garden or backyard, this extension cord reel is designed to provide convenience, durability, and safety.

With a generous length of 50 feet, this electric extension cord offers ample reach, allowing you to easily connect your tools and equipment to a power source. The cord is CSA certified, ensuring it meets high-quality standards for performance and safety. It features an On/Off switch and a light indicator, giving you control and visibility over your power supply.

One of the standout features of this extension cord reel is its four grounded outlets. These outlets are strategically placed to provide you with maximum convenience, ensuring that you always have access to power exactly where you need it. Whether you’re operating multiple tools simultaneously or need to power outdoor equipment, this retractable power cord reel has got you covered.

Keeping your cords organized and tangle-free is effortless with the CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord Reel. It boasts a sturdy, easy-grip handle that allows for smooth winding and unwinding of your extension cords. No more frustrating knots or messy cables! The reel also features an auto-locking system that securely holds the cord in place, preventing any accidental unraveling.


● 50 ft electric extension cord with 4 outlets.

● CSA certified with On/Off switch and light indicator.

● Convenient and durable 14AWG cable.

● Sturdy handle for easy cord winding.

● Auto-locking system to keep the cord in place.

● Built-in circuit breaker for device protection.


● Provides ample reach with a 50 ft extension cord.

● Rated for heavy-duty outdoor power.

● Compact and portable design for easy transportation.

● Promotes organized and tangle-free cord management.

● Provides a reliable power supply for various projects.

● Ensures safety with overload protection.


● The cord length may be excessive for typical household use.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Retractable Extension Cord

A retractable extension cord provides convenience and flexibility for powering devices and appliances, both indoors and outdoors. However, not all cords are equal, so assessing your needs is crucial to finding the perfect match. By considering safety, durability, length, and functionality, you can ensure the cord meets your requirements. Let’s explore the key factors to consider before investing in a retractable extension cord, enabling a well-informed purchase decision.

Length: Unleashing Versatility

When venturing into the realm of retractable extension cord reels, it’s crucial to identify the ideal length that exceeds your immediate requirements. These remarkable cords possess the ability to extend and contract precisely to match the task at hand.

Thickness: Empowering Professional Performance

If you belong to the league of professionals relying on cord reels for power tools, prioritize a robust thickness. Avoid the inferior, budget-friendly variants commonly found in stores, and instead opt for heavy-duty cord reels measuring 10, 12, or 14 AWG (gauge).

Amps: Unleashing Optimal Electrical Compatibility

For optimal performance, aim for a cord reel rated at 15 amps or 125 volts, enabling seamless handling of household appliances and tools. However, if you’re a seasoned professional, investing a little extra in a contractor’s cord is advisable.

Multi-Outlet Considerations: Balancing Functionality and Safety

While multi-outlet cord reels may seem enticing, it’s essential to exercise caution, particularly if you intend to connect power tools and work lights. Overloading the cord is a genuine risk. If you’re a professional seeking unwavering performance, it is recommended to invest in a single-use extension cord reel featuring a robust wire.

Safety Considerations for Using an Extension Cord Reel

When employing an extension cord reel, prioritizing safety is of utmost importance. By adhering to these essential considerations, you can effectively safeguard against potential hazards and promote secure usage:

Don’t Overload the Extension Cord

To prevent overheating and potential electrical hazards, it is crucial to avoid overloading the extension cord reel. Each cord has a maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer.

Choose the Right Retractable Cord Reel

Selecting an appropriate retractable cord reel is vital for safety. Consider factors such as cord length, thickness, and amp rating based on your specific needs. Opt for the best cord reel that exceeds your required length to maintain flexibility without compromising safety.

Make Sure You Plug into the Right Outlet

Using the correct outlet is crucial for safety and to avoid electrical issues. Ensure that the outlet you are connecting the extension cord reel to is compatible with the cord’s amp rating and voltage requirements.

Avoid Fire Hazards

To minimize the risk of fire hazards, take precautionary measures while using an extension cord reel. Avoid running the cord under carpets or rugs, which can trap heat and potentially cause overheating. Ensure that the cord is not pinched or damaged by heavy objects or furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Extension Cord Reels

1. How does a retractable extension cord reel work?

Extension cord reels utilize a spring mechanism to generate the force needed for retraction. When the cord is unwound and extended for use, the steel torsion spring gradually builds up tension. Once the electrical power is no longer required, the stored energy in the torsion spring is unleashed, causing the cord to retract smoothly back onto the reel.

2. Is it safe to use extension cord to extension cord?

Using one extension cord plugged into another, commonly known as “daisy chaining,” is generally not recommended and can pose safety risks. Daisy chaining extension cords increases the electrical load on the cords and the outlets they are connected to. This can lead to overheating, melting, or even fire hazards if the combined load exceeds the cords’ capacity.

3. Are surge protectors better than extension cords?

Surge protectors and extension cords serve different purposes, so it’s not accurate to say that one is inherently better than the other. If your main concern is protecting your devices from power surges, a surge protector is a wise investment. However, if you need to extend the reach of power sources or connect multiple devices to a single outlet, an extension cord is more suitable.


Choosing the right retractable extension cord reel can greatly simplify your power solutions and enhance convenience. The top 5 retractable extension cord reviews discussed in this article offer a range of options to suit various needs. When considering the top 5 retractable extension cord options for easy power solutions, we highly recommend the VEVOR Retractable Best Extension Cord Reel. With its exceptional features and performance, the VEVOR model stands out as a reliable choice for various applications.

Whether it’s for home use, outdoor projects, or professional settings, these cord reels provide efficient organization, tangle-free operation, and improved safety. Remember to consider factors such as cord length, gauge, capacity, safety features, and ease of use when making your decision. Investing in a reliable retractable extension cord will not only streamline your power access but also contribute to a clutter-free and hazard-free environment. Enjoy the benefits of easy power solutions with these top-rated retractable extension cords.

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