A quick guide to buying the Best Commercial Grade Immersion Blender in 2023


Commercial grade immersion blenders are an all-around product. It can blend various types of food in a container. They are very easy to use because they are compact and ideal for making different recipes which include a large number of homemade creams and sauces. You can make your required food with the help of a commercial immersion blender.

A commercial grade immersion blender is better than the traditional blender as it has more features and can blend and mix different types of food products. You can prepare the food in less time and with less effort.

List of Top 5 Commercial Grade Immersion Blender

Following is the list of the top 5 VEVOR’s commercial grade immersion blenders that include:

● Hand Held Mixer

● Commercial Food Mixer

● Stand Mixer

● Multifunctional Meat Blender and Grinder

● Dual Rotating Dough Kneading Machine

1. Hand Held Mixer

commercial grade immersion blender

Features and Performance:

High-quality motor:

This blender has a 500-watt of high-quality motor. It blends efficiently, and its rotation speed is 4000-16000 RPM. It can be used continuously and can last long. It can easily blend shakes, soups, smoothies, and others. This blender works efficiently and fast, which helps in saving time and energy.

Material used:

It has a detachable 304 stainless steel blender shaft which is 3.3 x20 long. It has a rubberized handle which makes it easy to hold. The rubberized handle of the blender has a push button with variable speed control. You can adjust the speed of the blender according to your requirement.

Security button:

There is and security button as well, which will help protect you from any kind of injury. It also has a locking button that locks the machine.


● This blender is very easy to use and can quickly puree soup, blend batters, mix beverages and also vegetables, creams, etc.

● This blender is made with an anti-splash design which will help you and your kitchen to be away from the mess that usual blenders make while blending.

2. Commercial Food Mixer

commercial food mixer

Features and Performance:

Stand Mixer contains three stirrers which include a dough hook, a flat beater, and a wire whip. It also has a bowl in which the food is mixed. All parts that touch the food, which includes the bowl, hook, and rod, are made of food-grade stainless steel.


The bowl can mix the food up to 1.5kg/3.3 lbs at a time. These components can easily be cleaned as they are rust-proof and corrosion-proof. The stand mixer has three adjustable speeds, and you can easily adjust the speed of the mixer according to your food and the mixer’s requirements. But you have to stop the machine first if you want to change the rotation speed.

Timer Knob:

It also has a timer knob installed in it. You can easily step up the mixing time according to your requirement within the time of 30 minutes. The dough hook is used for making pizza and other heavy dough. The flat beater is used for mashing potatoes, mixing cakes, batters, and icing. The wire whip is used for whipping eggs and cream.


● There are three components in this mixer. It can be used in restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, and bakeries.

● It can mix various types of food.

● The bowl and the stirrers are detachable, which makes the cleaning easy.

3. Stand Mixer

Stand mixer

Features and Performance:

The stand mixer comes with a dough hook, a beater, and a whisk. The stand mixer has high reliability. You can set the speed of the mixer according to your requirement.

6 Speed levels:

As there are 6-speed levels of this mixer, different products and food can be mixed at different speeds. The bowl is designed with a built-in thermostatic heating element. It can automatically heat up to an appropriate temperature. The dough of the mixer is used to knead the flour, and the beater of the mixer is used to mix butter and mash the potatoes. The whisk of the mixer is used to whip the creams and custards. The levels of the speed in the mixer are six the first and second level of speed is for the dough, the third and fourth level is for the butter and salad, and the fifth and sixth level of speed is for the cream and the egg white.


● There is an auto function in this mixer, so you don’t have to stand there and keep an eye on the mixer.

● You can easily put the machine on the timer and can do the other task simultaneously.

● It also has a scraper and a splash-proof cover.

4. Multifunctional Meat Blender and Grinder

Commercial meat blender and grinder

Features and Performance:

Material Used:

This blender is built with premium aluminum alloy. It is sturdy, modern, and corrosion-proof. It has a bowl that is made of stainless steel and can hold a good amount of food in it. The motor of this blender is 400W.

S-shaped stainless steel:

The chopping and blending have become easier with the S-shaped stainless steel blade in it. The rotary speed of the blade is 1460r/min. It has a semi-closed cover design, and you can add the food while the machine is already working. When you open the lid, the machine will automatically stop as it has a power-off feature.

Water-proof switch:

The switch of the machine is water-proof so that any contact with the water will not cause any type of accident.


● This blender has a metallic smooth reflective surface.

● It can be used for making a salad, pasta sauce, and baby food.

● It is widely used for chopping and grinding various types of meat.

● It also has a non-slip base pad for stability while the machine is in use.

5. Dual Rotating Dough Kneading Machine

Dough kneading machine

Features and Performance:


This mixer has an 8L capacity to mix a large number of doughs at one time. It has a powerful motor of 450W with dual rotation. It can rapidly mix the food. It is a spiral mixer. It is durable and made of food-grade stainless steel. It is very easy to use.


You can set up the time in this machine after putting the food in the machine. The timer of the machine can be set up within 60 minutes.


● This mixer is very easy to clean and is rust-proof.

● It provides even and rapid dough. It has a water-proof switch, so you don’t have to dry your hands before you turn off the switch.

Different types of Commercial Grade Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are also known as hand-blenders, stick blenders, and wand mixers. They are helpful in the blending of pureed foods. Some are designed in a way that they cannot be detached from the motor, while others are detachable and can easily be washed. Some have a long length so they can easily reach the bottom of the container. But regardless of the type of immersion blender, they can handle the big jobs, which include the blending of the smoothies and pureeing soups into the pots. And other small jobs include the making of mayo and salad dressing. There are different types of the immersion blender, but some of the types are given below:

● Control Grip Immersion Blender

● Two-Speed Hand Blender

● Multi-Quick 7-Hand Blender

● Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender

● Two-Speed Hand Blender

● Immersion Blender

● Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

What Should You Look for When Buying a Commercial grade Immersion blender?

There are different types of VEVOR commercial immersion blenders available which makes it difficult to choose which blender will be the best to choose.

● First of all, you need to consider the type of business you run.

● What type of food do you need to blend with that blender?

● How often do you need that blender in use?

The blenders are of different types. Some maybe are designed for lighter-duty use, and you may need them to make a dozen of drinks every day. The blenders that come with the timer are costly, but they will save you hours of time and labor. We will suggest you to but the blender according to your business and the one that comes with a timer.

Are Commercial Immersion Grade Blenders worth it?

VEVOR Commercial Immersion Blenders are worth buying as they are very easy to use. They can mix and blend various types of food products and can be used for a long time. The material used in the making of the blender makes them rust-proof and corrosion-proof. They save a lot of your time and labor as they come with a timer that can be set up to a certain time limit which varies from the type of blender. They are widely used in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and bakeries. They make the daily work in the kitchen easy and quick.

FAQ about Commercial Grade Immersion Blender

Q: Can I set a timer on the commercial grade immersion blender?

A: Yes, the commercial grade immersion blender offers a timer feature that allows you to set a specific blending time. This is particularly useful when you have recipes that require precise blending durations. However, it’s important to note that the timer may have a maximum limit of a certain number of minutes, so it’s advisable to check the product specifications or user manual for the specific time limitations.

Q: What material is the commercial grade immersion blender made of?

A: The commercial grade immersion blender is constructed using high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable and food-safe material that is resistant to rust, corrosion, and staining. It ensures the longevity of the blender and provides a hygienic surface for food preparation.

Q: Does the commercial grade immersion blender feature a waterproof switch?

A: Yes, the commercial grade immersion blender is equipped with a waterproof switch. This feature enhances safety and convenience during operation, as it protects the electrical components from potential water damage. The waterproof switch allows you to use the blender confidently, even when working with wet ingredients or in environments where liquid spills are likely to occur.

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