The 5 Best Inflatable Cash Cube machines in 2023 – All You Need To Know About Them


A fun and engaging way to promote one’s brand is with inflatable money machines. Users can customize the cash cube with the name, logo, sponsor, or even images of their business.

With their special interactive promotion, these inflatable prize booths will leave a long-lasting impression on your clients and customers.

For an upcoming event, inflatable money machines are the ideal promotional item. Customers will queue up to try their luck at grabbing as much cash or rewards as possible, even as bills swirl around them in the inflatable price booth. Let’s take a look at the top 5  inflatable cash cube machines you can try out.

List of Top 5 Inflatable Cash Cube machines

1. VEVOR Inflatable Cash Cube with Two Blowers Inflatable Cash Cube


Features and Performance

Oxford Fabric + PVC: The VEVOR Inflatable Cash Cube ranks first on these lists thanks to Oxford Fabric. The money-grab machine is constructed of top-notch, water-resistant oxford fabric. A PVC window makes it simple to watch and play.

Money Flying Inside: The money blower machine is structurally designed so that money can fly inside of it in a whirl and provide users with hours of entertainment. Coupons can also be placed inside.

Two Ways to Play: The VEVOR Inflatable Cash Cube gives players two options for playing:

1. Users can enter and exit through a zippered door to grab money, or

2. They can grab money through holes on the outside.

Strong Blowers Included: VEVOR also adds two blowers to improve the playing experience. A 550W blower is used to blow money and inflate the product, in addition to a 370W blower for the cash cube.


● Top Ventilation Hole: The top of the VEVOR inflatable cash has ventilation holes that improve ventilation. As a result, it can quicken the flow of air and money inside.

● Wide Range of Uses: The VEVOR inflatable money grab machine is appropriate for use at home or in shopping centers. It has a solid ability to draw customers in and foster a positive atmosphere.

2.Happybuy Inflatable Cash Cube with Two Blowers Inflatable Cash Cube Booth


Features and Performance

Cute Cash Cube: Blue Color; 63×83″ (WxH); 8.8 lbs Product Weight. The inflatable cash cube booth uses fine details and premium materials to ensure long service life.

2 Playing Methods: Since it has a zipper, children or teenagers can quickly enter and exit it to take the money. Adults can access the cash outside via a hole.

Quick Install & Use: No installation is required. The 370W and 550W blowers required to inflate the cash cube machine take a long time. The paper money inside can also be blown out with the 550W blower. Users should note that two blowers should run continuously when using this inflatable cash booth.

Commercial Function: The inflatable cash cube machine will catch everyone’s attention, welcome more customers, and foster a joyful and lovely environment. Consequently, ensure the success of one’s product introduction or promotion.

Diverse Use Scenarios: Ideal for playing at home gatherings, shopping centers, and outdoor commercial activities. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to carry.


● The Happybuy product intends to draw interest and customers to essential occasions, shopping centers, promotions, etc. Easy to use, quick to inflate, and requires no installation. It will draw in customers, produce a lovely atmosphere, fill the empty space, and promote the company..

3. TONGFUSHE Inflatable Cash Cube Booth with 2pcs Blower


Features and Performance

Solid Materials: Transparent PVC and tough 210D Oxford cloth. Size: 1.6 x 2.1 m (WxH). Two air blowers with quick inflation and blowing capabilities. Adults and children alike can enter and use a door with a zipper.

Multi-dimensional: One inflatable three-dimensional money grab machine, two blowers (1x450W and 1x750W), four empty sandbags, four ropes, one storage bag, and one repair kit are included.

Various Use: The product is appropriate in various settings, including playgrounds for kids, advertising, company parties, and business promotions. It helps to energize the environment and draw in customers. It is a fantastic idea for an activity. Users can use it to create a comfortable atmosphere for family events, birthday parties, Christmas parties, etc.

● Material: Durable 210D Oxford cloth with transparent PVC

● Size: 1.6 x 2.1m (WxH)

● Age Range (Description): Adult

● Product Weight: 16kg/ 35lbs


● Simple and quick assembly, portability, quick disassembly, ease of maintenance, and repeatability. The large zipper door on the cash grab machine makes it simple to enter and exit. The sandbags are used to tie the bottom to keep it secure. The internal airflow and quick rotation of banknotes and currency can both be accelerated by the top vent of the inflatable cash cube machine.

4. Vinfgoes Inflatable Cash Cube Inflatable Cash Machine


Features and Performance

D-rings made of stainless steel: To quickly fix the booth, tie ropes to the 4 top and 5 bottom D-rings. 5 feet by 5.6 feet by 7.5 feet, To ensure a long service life, the inflatable cash cube booth uses fine details and high-quality materials.

Money-grabbing sleeve: Adjustable hand-hole for adults and teenagers that can be used to regulate the money flow and prevent air loss.

Bottom design: The trapezoidal bottom is created to achieve an air flow circulation for a better blowing effect.

Two-sided zipper and “U” shape: A sizable U-shaped zipper door with a large opening for easy entry. Persons inside the booth can open the two-sided zipper on their own for added security. People are able to go in and out of the “U”-shaped double-sided zipper to get the cash or use the handhole on the outside to get the cash.

Package include

● Storage Bag

● 4x Sandbag(put sand or stone inside and tie rope)

● 4 x Ropes

● 4x Nails with bag


Commercial Function: Great for promotions and perfect for a holiday party at work, a trade show, a fundraiser, or any other occasion.

5. YMJOINMX Inflatable Cash Booth


Features and Performance

Sealed Zipper: The sealed zipper is made of excellent quality, is strong, and is airtight. Users can insert the game content with it. But take note that individuals cannot enter it.

Good Material: Oxford cloth, which is much thicker, better quality, and more wear-resistant, is used to make the machine.

Transparent PVC: Because the thickened PVC fabric is translucent, users can see the players’ movements clearly, and the game’s fairness is maintained.

Top Vent: To maintain the machine’s balance and the players’ security, there is a vent at the top.


● The unit is simple to fold and unfold, and inflation only takes 10–20 seconds. Move the blowers when the game is over because they will quickly deflate.

● Suitable for events like Christmas, High School graduations, school fund-raising, birthday parties, advertising, company celebrations, and business promotions. It will be a hit and add to the fun at a family reunion or professional event.

Due to its stability, affordability, and general comfort, the VEVOR inflatable cash cube machine took the top spot on the list of the best inflatable cash cube machines. Aside from the top quality materials, VEVOR also adds two blowers to improve the playing experience. A 550W blower is used to blow money and inflate the product, in addition to a 370W blower for the cash cube.

Different Types Of Cash Cube Machines

1. Inflatable Cash Cube Machines: In terms of portability and price, inflatable cash machines are a fantastic alternative to the other cash cube money machines available on the market. If you doubt this, check out the inflatable cash cube machines listed on VEVOR.

2. Heavy- Duty Cash Cube Machines: The Continuous Airflow of the Heavy DutyCash Cube Money Machine can be easily started or stopped. The scrolling marquis display in the money booth can be customized to read your personalized message. The walls made of translucent polycarbonate are practically unbreakable and extremely robust. The money booth is further protected by the aluminum diamond plate embellishments, which also improve the overall look.

Are Inflatable Cash Cube Machines Worth It?

Yes! Inflatable cash cube machines never fail to draw large crowds. The VEVOR cash cube machine is a great example of a product that is ideal for promotional advertising, employee incentive programs, promotional ideas, grand openings, trade shows, casinos, fundraisers, banks, radio stations, car and truck dealerships, trade shows, and much more.

What Should I look For When Buying An Inflatable Cash Cube Machines

Safety: The Cash Cube machine should be built with safety in mind. Most inflatable money machines are not as stable and either have a weak metal frame or none at all, so if someone trips out of excitement, the entire money machine falls with them! VEVOR, as a brand, guarantees safety.

● Excellent Design: The Cash Cube machine needs to have a fantastic design for a stylish and expert appearance. Like VEVOR, it may have transparent polycarbonate walls on both sides.

● L.E.D. Message Display & Lighting In Full Color: Internal color-changing L.E.D. lights in the Cash Cube can be programmed to match any color or to change color, blink, strobe, and chase automatically in a variety of patterns.

● Top Grade Blower: A strong, dependable, industrial blower that can quickly and quietly blow the money around in the Cash Cube machine. By making it too simple, weak blowers produce dead zones and hardly move any money, which lessens the fun and excitement. Women will not be concerned about their dresses blowing upward with products like VEVOR’s inflatable cash cube machine because it was specifically designed to blow air horizontally from the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inflatable Cash Cube Machines

1. What is a cash cube machine?

A cash cube machine looks like a phone booth and blows paper money (or tickets, coupons, or gift certificates) through the air.

2. What are other names for cash cube machines?

A cash cube machine is also referred to as a money machine, and cash booth.

3. Which is the best cash cube machine?

Due to its stability, affordability, and general comfort, the VEVOR inflatable cash cube machine took the top spot on the list of the best inflatable cash cube machines. Aside from the top quality materials, VEVOR also adds two blowers to improve the playing experience. A 550W blower is used to blow money and inflate the product, in addition to a 370W blower for the cash cube.

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