Best Buzzer Systems for Restaurants in 2024


Buzzer system for restaurants

Buzzer systems are wise investments for your restaurant if you want to enhance customer service and boost revenue. They are an intuitive method to boost productivity while still providing leisure to customers in your restaurant.

Buzzer systems are part of customer service technology and are used to notify customers when their orders are prepared. Customers will have to wait less in restaurants, as the buzzer systems hasten order-taking procedures.

Again, instead of standing in line for their order, consumers may wait comfortably in their seats with a buzzer system; who wouldn’t want to check in once more and enjoy a seat as they wait for their order to be processed?

Buzzer systems out rightly increase client loyalty. Customers value being able to obtain their orders fast enough. Since it’s not a popular technology in the streets, they are consequently more inclined to frequent your restaurant again and tell their friends about it.

Restaurants can save money in the long run by using a buzzer system and enhancing customer service. That is by reducing the number of employees who take and deliver orders to customers. You’ll have a name or two off the end month’s salary tab just like that.

Buzzer systems also make the ordering process more efficient by cutting down on errors, which can help save time and money.

Best Buzzer Systems for Restaurants in 2023

VEVOR F100 Buzzer System with Vibration, Flashing, and Buzzer

The VEVOR F100 buzzer system for restaurants is among the most intuitive restaurant pagers in the market. The control system consists of a single wireless controller with a keypad and a two-digit LCD to the left. The main system has ten pager pieces that each customer is handed as they place their orders.

VEVOR F100 buzzer system

The VEVOR F100 has two calling modes for notifying waiting customers. These are; Vibration+flash and vibration+flash with buzzer. The pagers bear the instructions that the customers have to follow to pick up their orders when ready.

If you own a restaurant, this intuitive buzzer alert can serve more than just alerting customers about their meals. You can place your hotel logo or picture and a beautifully crafted welcome note to make them feel recognized and in the right place. Since the technology is relatively new in the market, customers will likely take a look, and you’ll have served your advertising needs just right.

The VEVOR wireless restaurant buzzer system is reliable, as it can operate to lengths of up to 500 meters. That will allow your customers to walk around the hotel and socialize as their orders get ready. With a 200mAh battery, you’ll need to charge the buzzer after 24 hours of full-time working – Impressive!

Reasons to Buy

  • Supports a working length of up to 500meters
  • Long battery life
  • The buzzer’s antenna enables accurate calling
  • Two calling modes
  • You can use the pagers for advertising your restaurant intuitively
  • Ten pagers per one buzzer control system

Retekess TD174 Restaurant Pager System

The Retekess Restaurant buzzer system offers a compact design that offers convenience while still saving space at the workplace. Moreover, it provides effectiveness when visitors/customers need assistance with anything. Most importantly, the pager is an important tool in helping you save money by reducing the number of employees in the restaurant.

The buzzer system works on a long-range distance; 492ft in buildings and 1640ft out in the open air. It is loaded with three vibration/prompt modes that will notify the customer once their order is ready. These are; vibration+LED, buzzer+LED, and vibration+buzzer+LED. Above that, you get a power indicator to show you which pager needs charging before being used next by the customer.

Once you get the buzzer system, one of the preliminary actions is to program them, as they come with no programming. It would be best to ensure each pager has a unique ID setting, and you can call more than one pager simultaneously. The operation is straightforward.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to program
  • Three prompt modes
  • Long-range reception

VEVOR Restaurant Pager System with 20 Coasters, 500M working distance

If you have a high-traffic restaurant or food outlet, the VEVOR F103 is your run-to solution. With 20 pagers on board, you can deal with numerous customers simultaneously, increasing the quality of your service and customer loyalty.

VEVOR F103 20-pager set

The F103’s come with two indicator modes; vibration+flash and vibration+flash+buzzer+LED. It becomes hard for customers to miss food orders with such a reliable paging notification system. Also, you can adjust the pager’s prompt time so the customer won’t miss a buzz.

The pager’s base system has an antenna that increases the sensitivity of the pagers towards receiving prompt notifications. Again, there’s a huge touchscreen that will flash once your order sets in.

The VEVOR F103 pagers have 200mAh batteries that go for more than 24 hours on a single charge. You won’t need to worry about power loss.

The F103 buzzer system for restaurants can also be used in churches and other places, owing to their long-range reception. Out in the open, the VEVOR F103 buzzer system can establish a connection even at 3281 feet from the base station!

Reasons to Buy

  • Incredible long-range reception
  • 20 pagers increase reliability
  • Wide compatibility
  • Two indication modes
  • The pagers are highly sensitive

NOLAS Wireless Buzzer System for Restaurants by Corum Security

With five alert modes on board, the NOLAS wireless buzzer system might have one of the most intuitive notifications in the game. The alert modes include a vibration mode, beeping, flashing, and two more combinations of these three.

After obtaining the buzzer system from the vendor, you can group call all pagers at once from the main control unit. However, since the system is intended to work differently, you’ll need some programming to let every pager receive a notification independently.

Unlike most pagers in the market, these have a high power retention mechanism that allows them to be on standby for at least 72 hours. When working, however, they can only manage 36 hours tops. All devices are charged from one power outlet, and you won’t complain about the power for quite some time.

The NOLAS wireless buzzer system can also be used in outdoor functions or churches, owing to its great signal reception.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great battery life
  • Five different alert modes
  • Great for churches and outdoor functions
  • 24 pagers increase the reliability of the system

NOONEAST 16-pager Wireless Restaurant Buzzer System

If you need to improve efficiency and customer relations in your workplace, try the NOONEAST 16-pager restaurant buzzer system. The 16 pagers make sure every customer gets all their orders. Customers no longer need to queue for long at the cafeterias.

With two reliable notification modes, you can comfortably use the buzzer system in quiet and noisy environments. There’s a vibration+buzzer+flash and vibration+flash notification mode. Moreover, you can adjust the notification duration to ensure customers don’t receive prompt unsure notifications and end up missing their orders.

There are 7S, 14S, 21S, 28S, and 35S notification durations in the settings for you to adjust. NOONEAST buzzer system’s long-range reception is one to rely on, as you get around 100 meters in buildings and 800M out in the open. That’s enough to allow customers to roam around the restaurant and socialize as they wait on their orders.

Reasons to Buy

  • 16 pagers are efficient for any restaurant
  • Long-lasting battery
  • You can adjust numerous notification settings
  • The pagers have a long-range reception

Different Types of Buzzer Systems for Restaurants

Buzzer systems come in different types and designs. These are;

  • Piezoelectric buzzers
  • Magnetic buzzers
  • Electromagnetic buzzers
  • Mechanical buzzers
  • Electromechanical buzzers

Piezoelectric buzzers use a piezoelectric effect and pulse current to initiate a signal. They are designed with a multi-resonator, resonance box, impedance matcher, piezoelectric plate and housing, among other elements. Some even have LEDs on them.

Like piezo buzzers, the magnetic ones notify you via sound signals but are fixed as they operate from a fixed spot. However, the difference sets in where magnetic buzzers will employ electric impulses to generate a magnetic field.

Electromagnetic buzzers are designed with a metal disk and an electromagnet. They create sound through magnetism and the resultant disk movement. Mechanical buzzers use a similar principle to electromagnetic buzzers, but the main difference is that the vibrating buzzer is installed outside.

Electromechanical buzzers are created similarly to electromagnetic and magnetic buzzers. They generate sound via magnetism and disk movement.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Buzzer System For Restaurants?

Here are the factors to consider when purchasing a buzzer system for your restaurant.

Transmission range – Pick a restaurant paging system that will allow you to buzz a customer from an average range of 200 meters. If you get one with a longer reception range, that’s even better!

300-500m wireless working range - VEVOR

Number of Pagers in the set – If your restaurant receives high traffic, consider purchasing a buzzer system with more pagers. You can even check if there are customized offers from your manufacturer.

Battery – Choose a buzzer system whose pagers last long before turning the low-battery indicator on. That saves you massively on convenience.


Are Buzzer Systems for Restaurants Worth it?

Yes! Buzzer systems are an inexpensive way to improve customer service and increase the overall efficiency of your restaurant.

Can Buzzer systems work far away from the restaurant?

No. Customers who have been handed pagers from a buzzer system can only wait within a distance. As you go further from the control unit, your pager loses signal, and you might also miss your notification and order!

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