4 Best Built-In 4 Burner Induction Cooktops: Everything You Need To Know


VEVOR built-in induction electric cooktop

A built-in burner induction cooktop is a type of cooking appliance that uses electromagnetic induction technology to generate heat. This type of cooktop is designed to be installed directly into countertops, providing easy access to the cooking surface. Induction cooktops are typically more energy-efficient than traditional stovetop cookers and offer faster heat up times, making them ideal for busy kitchens.

Why buy a built-in burner induction cooktop?

There are many reasons why you should buy a built-in burner induction cooktop. The most important reason is the safety factor. The induction cooktop technology uses electromagnetic energy to transfer heat directly from the burner to the pan. This means there is no heat source near your kitchen countertop, which is a major safety concern with regular cooktops.

Induction cooktops also tend to be more efficient than regular cooktops, meaning they use less energy and produce more heat. This is especially important if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Finally, built-in burner induction cooktops are usually easier to use than regular cooktops. They have preset controls that make it easy to choose the right cooking temperature and time.

Best Built-In 4 Burner Induction Cooktops

1. VEVOR Built-in Induction Electric Stove Top

VEVOR Built-in Induction Electric Stove Top is an innovative cooking solution for a modern kitchen. This built-in induction electric stove top is designed to provide you with a reliable and easy-to-use cooking experience. With its intuitive controls, this built-in induction electric stove top is perfect for both novice and experienced cooks.

VEVOR high-power induction electric cooktop

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Features and performance of VEVOR Built-in Induction Electric Stove Top

Four cooking zones: This built-in burner induction cooktop is a great choice for a 240V connection, boasting four cooking zones with a total power output of 5900W. The 6.9” round cooking surface is large enough to cook a variety of dishes, and the easy-to-use controls make it easy to get the cooking you want.

Built-in timer: The built-in timer lets you set a time for your food to cook, and when it’s done, the automatic shutoff will help keep your kitchen clean. This induction cooktop also comes with a safety guard that keeps children safe while they’re cooking.

Good for residential usage: Additionally, its large size makes it a great choice for residential usage whether small or larger families and small cooking groups. With VEVOR Built-in Induction Electric Stove Top, you’ll have everything you need to cook delicious meals in your kitchen. So why wait? Pick up VEVOR Built-in Induction Electric Stove Top today and start cooking like a pro!

• Model: XM-DX10

• Surface Material: Ceramic Glass

• Body Material: Carbon Steel

• Total Power: 5.9kW

• Voltage: 240V

• Adjustable Temp Range: 140-518℉ / 60-270℃

• Timer Range: 1-99 min

• Cutout Size: 29.9 x 19.7 inch / 76 x 50 cm

• Product Dimensions: 30.3 x 20.5 x 3.3 inch / 77 x 52 x 8.5 cm

• Product Weight: 27 lbs / 12.2 kg


• Residual reminder

• Budget friendly

• Easy to use

• Made of premium ceramic material

• Various safeguard options like child lock, Overheat protection, Auto Shutdown

2. The Frigidaire 5 Burner Induction Stove

The Frigidaire 5 Burner Induction Stove is a powerful and efficient kitchen appliance that is perfect for those who want to cook quickly, evenly, and cleanly. This stove has a large, 5 burner cooking surface that is perfect for preparing large meals or batches of dishes.

Features and performance of The Frigidaire 5 Burner Induction Stove

Special burners: The Frigidaire 5 Burner Induction Stove features special burners that can be used to heat up sauces or other ingredients.

Automatic shut off: the stove has an automatic shutoff feature that will prevent it from burning down your house while you are away.

Connect two elements: You can connect two elements to create a larger cooking area.

• Size: 36 inches

• Surface: Smooth induction top

• Location of controls: Front

• Display: Digital

• Height: 2.8 inches

• Warranty: 1 year


• Very responsive

• Safe cooking surface

• Patented auto sizing helps induce required amount of heat

3. Empava ceramic electric stove

Empava ceramic electric stove is a stylish and efficient induction cook top that offers a range of cooking options. With four different heat settings, it is perfect for preparing meals for all members of the family. The stove also features a timer and automatic shut-off, so you can always be sure your food is cooked to perfection.

Empava ceramic electric stove performance and features:

Great material: It is built with ceramic element for even heat distribution and faster cleaning.

Multiple cooking modes: It comes with four cooking modes: simmer, flame, broil and toast for cooking different according to your liking.

Automatic shut-off: The cooktop is also equipped with timer that supports auto shut-off according to the timing you set.

Elegant design: Its stylish design helps elevate the beauty of any kitchen

• Model: ‎30 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

• Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 2.12 inches

• Type: Built-in

• Voltage required: 240V

• Power: Total of 9000 watts for 4 burners

• Diameter: 6 inches


• A US and Canada certified (ETL) stove

• Made of durable vitro ceramic glass

• Indicator glows if the surface is hot

• Requires less cleaning time

4. True Induction 30″ electric built-in induction cooktop

True Induction 30″ electric built-in induction cooktop is one of the best-built-in induction cooktops. It has a sleek design and comes with a lot of features that make it one of the most popular induction cooktops on the market. This electric built-in induction cooktop is made with high quality materials that will look great in any kitchen.

Features and performance of True Induction 30″ electric built-in induction cooktop

Size: It is a 30″ electric built-in induction cooktop great for residential use.

Multiple heat settings: It comes with 6 heat settings for different type of cooking requirements

Speed settings: It has 3 speed settings to adjust the cooking time according to your convenience.

Patented technology: True Induction uses its own patented induction cooking technology.

• Model: TI-4B

• Weight: 23.9 pounds

• Type: Built-in induction type

• Power: 7,400W power capacity

• Material: Ceramic glass cooktop


• ADA Compliant

• UL 858 Listed

• True induction trademark technology

• Child safety features

• Space saving design with vertical burners

• Easy to use

After reviewing all of the above, our experts came to a conclusion that VEVOR induction cooktop is the best choice for residential cooking purposes. It is versatile, cooks fast, energy efficient and pocket friendly.

While Frigidaire and Empava are also versatile, they are expensive choices and suit people who prefer high end equipment. True Induction is a good choice for busy people who want to cook food fast, but it is less energy efficient.

Different types of built-in 4 burner induction cooktops

There are a number of types of induction cooktops available, so it’s important to select the one that best suits your needs. Some induction cooktops have removable plates for easy cleaning and others have sensors that tell you when the cooking surface is hot. Induction cooktops also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your kitchen perfectly.

Standard domestic cooktops: Standard domestic cooktops generally come with 2 to 4 burners. These burners are either built-in or attached by a wire coil. A built-in burner is one that is permanently integrated into the cooktop, while an attachment burner has a metal or plastic coil that connects it to the cooktop. Most induction cooktops have three burners: a center burner and two side burners.

Flexible Induction cooktops: Flexible Induction cooktops come with heating zones that are flexible. You can use them like conventional cooktops, or bend them to create custom cooking zones. This is great for small kitchens that don’t have a lot of counter space. It also means that you can use the entire cooktop for multiple tasks, rather than having to use smaller burners for each task.

Portable induction cooktops: A portable induction cooktop is a great option for people who frequently move around or need to take their cooktop with them. They’re also a great choice if you have small kitchen spaces.

Freestanding induction cooktops: A freestanding induction cooktop is a kitchen appliance that combines the benefits of an induction stovetop with standard burner cookware. Most freestanding induction cooktops have a variety of features, including multiple burners and programmable settings.

What should you look for when buying a built-in 4 burner induction cooktop?

Built-in electric induction cookers are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more efficient and safer way to cook than traditional gas or electric cooktops. Induction cookers use electromagnetic energy to cook food, so there is no open flame. This makes induction cookers safer than traditional stovetops as there is no chance of a fire. Induction cookers also tend to be more energy efficient, so you can save on your energy bill.

While many induction cooktops are available with multiple cooking functions, some only offer one or two options. If you’re looking for the best built-in burner induction cook top, be sure to consider features such as ease of use, performance, and durability apart from the price.

VEVOR induction cooktop

Are 4 burner induction cooktops worth it?

Some built-in burner induction cooktops come with features such as multiple cooking zones, timer settings, and automatic shut-off. They are also typically less expensive than traditional stovetop cookers and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

For example, VEVOR 4 burner induction cooktop with four cooking zones, fast heat up times and energy-efficient features, can be a great choice for any kitchen. They will save you on electricity and time. They are safe too! So, yes, built-in cooktops are worth it!

FAQs about built-in 4 burner induction cooktops

1. What is the maximum power level available on a built-in burner induction cooktop?

The maximum power level on each built-in burner induction cooktop typically falls between 1200 and 1500 watts. This power level is sufficient to cook most foods. Higher power levels may be available on higher-end models. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before use to ensure that your cooker is compatible with the power level you need.

2. What are the benefits of using a built-in burner induction cooktop?

The main benefit of using a built-in burner induction cooktop is that it is easy to use. The controls are located on the stove top, making it easy to turn on and off the heat. There is also no need for an oven or other cooking device.

3. What are the drawbacks of using a built-in burner induction cook top?

The main drawback of using a built-in burner induction cooktop is that it is not as versatile as an oven or stove top. You cannot cook with gas, electric, or propane on a built-in burner induction cooktop. Additionally, many models do not have a temperature probe, so you will need to keep track of the temperature with an oven thermometer or cookbook.

4. Which built-in burner induction cooktop is best for me?

There is no single best built-in burner induction cooktop for everyone. It depends on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer models that have multiple cooking settings, while others are not as concerned.

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