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The 22RE is a 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine used in Toyota vehicles from 1984 to 2004. The 22RE head is the part of the engine that houses the valves and intake and exhaust ports. The head is made of cast iron and is bolted to the cylinder block and sealed with a gasket. It contains valves, guides, springs, and seats, which control the flow of air and fuel into and out of the engine.

If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your engine, you should consider investing in a 22R-E head. This upgrade offers a variety of benefits, such as improved airflow, increased compression, and better fuel management. Additionally, the 22R-E head can provide more power, improved torque, and a more responsive throttle. With these improvements, your engine will be more efficient and able to handle tough terrain with ease. Investing in a 22R-E head is a great way to increase the performance of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

List of top 5 22re performance cylinder head

1. VEVOR Complete Cylinder Head

The VEVOR Complete Cylinder Head for 85-95 22R 22RE 2.4L SOHC Pickup 4Runner Speed is a reliable and durable performance replacement that offers excellent performance and value.

• It features high-quality materials and precision-engineered parts for ultimate performance.

• The cylinder head is machined with precise tolerances to ensure a perfect fit and includes all necessary components for a complete and easy installation.

• It is designed to provide maximum power and strength for your engine, increasing the overall performance of your car.

• The cylinder head is equipped with a one-piece hardened steel valve spring and a multi-angle valve seat for improved flow and increased performance.

• The valve guide inserts are made from hardened steel and are designed to be highly durable to provide a longer service life.

• The valve seals are made of high-temperature silicone and designed to handle extreme engine temperatures.

• The cylinder head also includes intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve seals, valve guides, and a valve cover gasket for a complete installation.

VEVOR complete cylinder head


• Product Type: Cylinder Head Assembly

• Material: Steel

• Placement On Vehicle: Front

• Installation: Direct Replacement

• Interchange Part Number: CHTO000, 20-T-22R

• Fitment: 1985-1995 4Runner, 1995 Celica, 1985-1995 Helix Pickup

• Gross Weight: 13.18 kg/ 29 lbs

• Product Dimension (LxWxH): 21.6×9.4×7.8 in/ 55x24x20 cm

2. Mophorn Complete Cylinder Head

The Mophorn Complete Cylinder Head includes all the necessary components to replace a worn or damaged head.

• The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy, providing a strong and durable construction.

• It features an integrated cooling system that ensures the engine is kept at the optimal temperature. The 1-piece design eliminates the need for gaskets and seals, which reduces the chance of leaks.

• The combustion chambers have been designed to maximize efficiency and power.

• The Mophorn Cylinder Head is engineered for a direct fit and easy installation. All necessary parts, such as spark plugs and valve stem seals, are included for a complete installation. The head is supplied pre-installed with valves and springs for added convenience.


• Product Type: Cylinder Head Assembly

• Material: Aluminum

• Placement On Vehicle: Front

• Installation: Direct Replacement

• Interchange Part Number: CHTO000, 20-T-22R

• Fitment: 1985-1995 4Runner, 1995 Celica, 1985-1995 Helix Pickup

• Gross Weight: 13.18 kg/ 29 lbs

• Product Dimension (LxWxH): 55x24x20 cm/ 21.6x10x8 inch

3. Rocker Arm Kit

Rocker arm 22re is a popular aftermarket rocker arm that is designed to improve performance and efficiency in a variety of engines.

• It features a lightweight aluminum body, a high-precision roller bearing that is optimized for use in high-performance applications, and an advanced lubrication system that reduces friction and wear.

• This rocker’s arm is designed to provide maximum power and durability, with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

• It also features a special coating that helps protect against corrosion and wear.

• Rocker arm 22r is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their engine and improve its performance.

• The rocker arm is ready to bolt on with any new head or engine build and fits all 20R, 22R, 22RE, and 22RTE engines. The precision-machined surface ensures a perfect fit, and the hardening goes very deep to protect against wear and tear. It also comes with all the necessary hardware, including lock nuts, for easy installation.

4. AULINK engine rocker arm 22re

The AULINK engine rocker arm 22re has several features that make it an excellent choice for high-performance vehicles.

• It has a lightweight design, allowing for efficient and powerful operation.

• The aluminum alloy construction ensures a strong, long-lasting build that can endure high temperatures and vibrations.

• The rocker’s arm has a high-quality bearing and bushing system, ensuring smooth operation.

• Additionally, it has an adjustable shim design, which allows for easy adjustability and maintenance.

• The rocker’s arm is designed with an oil passage, which helps to lubricate the bearings, resulting in a longer lifespan.

• Improved Throttle Response: The rocker’s arm reduces the amount of time it takes for the valve to open and close, resulting in better throttle response and improved overall driving performance.

• Longer Lifespan: The rocker’s arm is designed to withstand high amounts of stress and wear, resulting in a longer lifespan than conventional rocker arms.

• Increased Valve Lift: The rocker’s arm provides improved valve lift, giving you better performance and more power. It’s 0.6mm valve lash makes it very precise and accurate.

• Improved Oil Pressure: The increased valve lift allows for more efficient oil pressure, resulting in improved engine performance.

5. TOYOTA 22re head

The Toyota 22RE cylinder head is a four-cylinder, fuel-injected engine used in Toyota pickup trucks, 4Runners, and SUVs from 1984 to 1995. It was one of the most reliable engines ever built by Toyota, providing years of trouble-free service.

• The 22RE cylinder head is made of cast iron and has an overhead camshaft design. It has two valves per cylinder and an 11:1 compression ratio.

• The 22RE cylinder head has two camshafts, one on the intake side and one on the exhaust side. Each camshaft is driven by a single, centrally located timing belt, which operates the intake and exhaust valves in sequence.

• The 22RE cylinder head also contains two spark plugs per cylinder, one located in the front and another located in the rear.

• The 22RE cylinder head is designed to allow for easy access to the spark plugs, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and service.

What are the different types of 22re heads?

There are four main types of 22RE heads: the stock head, the high-compression head, the performance head, and the aftermarket head.

The stock head is the original head that comes with the 22RE engine. It is designed to provide a good balance of performance and efficiency, and it is usually suitable for a variety of applications.

VEVOR complete cylinder head is compatible with numerous engines

The high-compression head is designed for increased power output and is usually reserved for race or off-road applications. It usually has a higher compression ratio and increased valve lift.

The performance head is designed to provide improved performance without sacrificing efficiency. It usually has a higher compression ratio and increased valve lift, as well as improved porting and flow characteristics.

The aftermarket head is designed to provide the highest performance and is usually reserved for race or off-road applications. It is usually made of specialized aluminum and has increased porting and flow characteristics.

How does 22re head work

The 22re head is part of a Toyota engine, specifically the 22re engine. It is the top part of the engine that houses the valves, spark plugs, and camshafts. The head also contains an intake port through which air and fuel are drawn into the engine. This intake port is connected to the intake manifold, which is where air and fuel are mixed before entering the combustion chamber. Inside the combustion chamber, the fuel and air mix is ignited by a spark plug. The pressure from this combustion then forces the piston down, pushing the crankshaft and thus turning the engine. The 22re head contains both intake and exhaust valves that open and close to control the flow of air and fuel in and out of the combustion chamber.

What should you look for when buying 22re head?

When shopping for a 22RE head, there are a few key features to look for.

It is important to find a head that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model, as well as the year.

Additionally, you should be sure to check the head for any visible signs of damage, including cracks, chips, or discoloration.

VEVOR complete cylinder head

You should also check to see if the head was machined or rebuilt, as this can affect the quality and performance of the part.

Finally, you should compare prices and read reviews or talk to an expert to make sure you get the best deal.

Are 22re worth it?

Absolutely! 22re engines are a great choice for the budget-conscious consumer. They offer a reliable and economical option while still providing plenty of power and flexibility. Maintenance costs are relatively low, and the engines are well-known for their longevity and durability. Plus, it’s relatively easy to find replacement parts for them. All in all, the 22re is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, economical engine.

FAQs about 22re Head

1. What is the 22re head?

The 22re head is a cylinder head component for Toyota’s 22re engine. It is used to cover the top of the cylinder block, and it houses the valves, camshafts, and other components that control the air and fuel mixture that goes into the engine. The 22-re head is typically made from cast iron or aluminum alloy and is designed to provide optimal engine performance.

2. What are the benefits of using a 22-re head?

The main benefit of using a 22-re head is improved engine performance. The 22re head is designed to provide more efficient combustion, resulting in better power output, higher efficiency, and improved fuel economy. The 22re head also extends the life of the engine by reducing wear and tear, helping to keep the engine running smoothly and extending its overall lifespan.

3. What maintenance is required for a 22-re head?

The 22re head requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. This includes periodic cleaning and inspecting the valves, as well as replacing any worn-out or damaged components. It is also important to keep the head properly lubricated to prevent excessive wear and tear. Additionally, you should inspect the head for cracks or other signs of damage at least once a year.

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